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With five decades of experience as an educator and mentor, Chancellor Stephen Spahn has a wealth of experience and insights to share. As the longest-serving leader of an independent school in New York City — and Chancellor of The Dwight Schools, our global network of campuses that spans three continents and dates back over 40 years — he is highly regarded worldwide for his expertise. Also a former Board member of the International Baccalaureate, Chancellor Spahn is often called upon to participate in shaping the future of the IB.

With the launch of his monthly blog in September, he enjoys sharing his perspective and impressions on a range of educational topics of interest. These include insights into some of Dwight's proud traditions, expectations for innovation, thoughts about what's happening in the world of the IB, and more. We invite you to read his latest post here, join in with comments, share it with your friends and family, and come back again!
As our Preschool 4s students in the Green Sea Turtle classroom have been learning about the unit of inquiry about "Community," they had a very special visit by their teacher, Ms. Warzinski's husband, Mr. Mike Warzinski, a pilot in the United States Air Force! Mr. Warzinski shared many exciting facts with the class, including that he flies a KC-10, which does aerial refueling and cargo movement all around the world.

Before Mr. Warzinski came in to speak to the class, the students brainstormed a list of questions they wanted to ask a pilot. Once he arrived, he explained that his role is to help people in need by sending food and medicine to them, as well as keep us safe and protect the United States of America. The students were fascinated with Mr. Warzinki's visit and listened closely as he shared all this captivating information! We can't wait to see "Mr. Mike" again and look forward to learning more about his airplane and his role in our community!
While focusing on sound mixing and design, Dwight's twelfth grade film students roamed the halls, using their cameras and microphone equipment to uniquely capture documentary audio of moments around school, relating to campus life and corresponding with their lesson on sound mixing.
Our 4B class participated in a unique activity last month, Mystery Skype, where they were paired with another school in the world and tasked with using their detective skills to guess the location of that school. Specific duties of this task included asking questions, researching, taking notes, tweeting, and reporting to solve the mystery of just where the school was located. Students had a blast, while also actively learning, and found out the school was a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) School in West Valley City, UT!

This Mystery Skype activity relates to many different facets of our school and the inquiry-based model. By learning geography and research skills, and collaborating with peers and reporting findings to class, this directly relates to the PYP profile and who our students are as a community.
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