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    Personalized Learning

    Dwight is focused on educating the whole child.  To that end, our Quest programs provide students with enrichment, skill development, EAL (English as an Alternate Language) instruction, and a wide-ranging, in-school network designed to support exceptionally talented students.  Dwight believes that the task of guiding a child should not end when he or she leaves the classroom, and our Quest programs are key elements in this mentorship.
    Because each student’s “spark of genius” is unique and all of our individual paths are distinctive, Quest takes a different approach with every student. For a student whose talents and interest in an academic discipline warrant advanced challenges and additional instruction, Quest might arrange enrichment tutorials with a subject area expert.  For a student in need of study skill or academic improvement, Quest can provide guidance for individuals.  As an International Baccalaureate school, Dwight has many students who are learning English as an additional language; for these students, Quest provides targeted EAL instruction and coordinates with classroom teachers to ensure high-level language learning. If a student requires scheduling flexibility to nurture an exceptional talent in athletics, the arts, or any other area, Quest ensures continuity of instruction and coordinates the student’s academic coursework.
    The Quest program provides the structure and expertise of trained educators to maximize every student’s academic potential.  No matter what form they take, all Quest programs focus on one thing: personalized learning to meet the individual needs of individual students.
    Quest provides services in:
  • Skill development
  • Enrichment
  • EAL (English as an Alternate Language)
  • Exceptional talent