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    Upper School After School Programs

    Students in grades 9-12 are required to participate in one or more creativity, action or service extra curricular activities or join an athletic team during each of the three trimesters. Seniors who have been certified by the CAS Coordinator by the end of the second term may be exempted by the dean of grade 12 from registering for spring term activities but they are expected to honor any yearlong activity and athletic team commitments.

    Programs normally start at 3:00 or 3:15 pm and usually finish between 4:00 and 4:30 pm. Dwight faculty and staff lead the programs. Fees for all upper school after-school programs students are included in the tuition unless otherwise noted. Registration for upper school activities/athletic teams takes place online three times a year. Students must register anew each term, even when they choose to continue an activity from the previous term.

    Students in grades 9 & 10 may document their hours in service activities on their ManageBac accounts. Students in grades 11 & 12 may document their hours in Creative, Action and Service activities on their ManageBac accounts.

    We encourage every student to participate in the extra curricular activities program but we realize that sometimes due to extenuating circumstances that there are students who are not able to meet this commitment. To receive an exemption, a student must first receive permission from his or her dean and after the permission has been granted, go online each term and check off exempt as his or her activity.
    2013-2014 Online Registration and Session Dates
    Monday, August 26: Fall online registration begins
    Monday, September 16: Fall after-school activities begin
    Monday, November 25: Winter online registration begins
    Thursday, December 19: Last day of Fall after-school activities
    Monday, January 6: Winter after-school activities begin
    Monday, February 10: Spring online registration begins
    Friday, March 14: Last day of Winter after-school activities
    Monday, March 31: Spring after-school activities begin
    Friday, May 23: Last day of Spring after-school activities
    Program Director
    Neil Brier
    Grades 6-12 Activities and Community Service Coordinator; Social Studies Teacher, Middle School Socc
    (212) 724-6360 Ext 227
    Neil Brier joined Dwight in the spring of 2005. He moved to New York in 2002 after twenty-two years at the Cardigan Mountain School in Canaan, NH. He has traveled and studied in several countries including England, Equator, Finland Haiti, Mexico and Israel. At Dwight, he serves as the CAS Coordinator and oversees the community service and extra curricular activities programs for grades 6-12. Mr. Brier teaches grades 7 & 8 American History, and is an adviser to the Dwight chapter of the National Honor Society. He also coaches the boys 7th & 8th grade soccer team, coaches the spring lacrosse skills activity and supervises the grades 6 & 7 lunch periods. In addition to his Dwight responsibilities, Mr. Brier serves as co-chair of the Youth Committee on Brooklyn Community Board 14 and is an "Elite" level reviewer on
    2013-14 Activities
    All activity listings subject to change without notice. Students must register for an activity each term even if re-enrolling in the same activity.
    (F) - Fall Term Activity
    (W) - Winter Term Activity
    (S) - Spring Term Activity

    3D Design and Fabrication

    Amnesty International Club


    Boys Rugby

    Chamber Choir

    Chamber Orchestra


    Coed Boxing

    Coed Non-Contact Lacrosse

    Coed Volleyball

    Composers' Ensemble

    Dance Lab

    Digital Photography

    Dwight Chronicle

    Dwight Tutors


    Fashion Design


    GIN Club

    Graphic Art & Design


    Head Boys/Head Girls

    Honor Council

    Investment Club

    Jazz Band

    ManageBac Support

    Math Team

    Miracle Student Association

    Model UN

    Music Technology

    National Honor Society


    Peer Leaders

    Percussion Ensemble

    Performance Practicum

    Pop and Rock Bands

    Portfolio Prep

    Prom Committee


    SAT Prep Courses

    Science Olympiad

    Student Council

    TOEFL Prep



    Yearbook Photography

    Yoga and Meditation

    Young Writers Society

    Young Yelpers

    Zumba Fitness