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    Dwight American-Capital Normal High School Program

    The Dwight School in China is a joint diploma program. Each student receives a diploma from their Chinese school, centered on the study of their cultural heritage and those courses required to satisfy Chinese national educational requirements. Each student also receives a Dwight diploma based on concurrent study of an American curriculum and a U.S./Advanced Placement [US/AP] curriculum. There is a strong emphasis on English as a Second Language. Each student is supported by Dwight’s college guidance and admissions team. The Dwight School in China also offers student and teacher exchanges, teacher mentoring and training, distance learning, extracurricular activities, and sports in tandem with Chinese partner schools.

    The Dwight School in China’s strength is its ability to draw on the knowledge and experience of faculty and staff of The Dwight Family of Schools on top of direct links with the Dwight School in New York. The Dwight Family of Schools Board is an additional leadership support in China’s Advisory Board: Blake Spahn, founder of the first pre-K IB school in the U.S.; Jerry Salvador, Head of Dwight International, Canada; David Rose, the Headmaster of the North London International School in the U.K.; Kevin Skeoch, Head of DIS Seoul; and Dianne Drew, Principal of The Dwight School in New York.

    For more information about The Dwight School Program in China please email Dianne Drew or Kevin Skeoch.