Delivering a World-class IB Education

The IB offers academic rigor, fosters personal exploration, and provides students with the “gold standard” in college preparation.

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Six Schools, One Global Philosophy

Dwight students learn to thrive anywhere in the world through travel and exchange programs, cross-campus collaborations, and global conferences.

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Innovation Is in Our DNA

Dwight prepares students for the jobs of the future, nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship within and beyond the classroom.

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Language Learning Begins Early

Students start learning Mandarin and Spanish in preschool, and may choose to study from over a dozen languages.
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Igniting the Spark of Genius in Every Child

We nurture the talents and interests of every student and customize the educational journey based on those personal passions.

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Igniting the spark of genius in every child since 1872

What's your spark?

Our Stories

Salwa Emerson '92 Scores a Literary Goal with "Chance Striker"

In soccer, a striker is the player charged with scoring the lion’s share of the team’s goals. While not a soccer player herself, Salwa Emerson ’92 has developed a character who is — and with the name Chance Striker, we know what position he plays!

Charlotte Kabelac '20 Shares Her Vision in Green to Spark Tank

When junior Charlotte Kabelac came to Dwight this year from her hometown of Wiesbaden, Germany, she brought along a strong desire to innovate and a passion for sustainability. It didn’t take long for her to share both in Spark Tank, where she introduced ReCoff, a shampoo, soap, and body lotion product line currently in design using recycled coffee grounds.

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