COVID-19 Updates

This page will be updated soon with information about our approach to maintaining health and safety at Dwight in the upcoming academic year. 


Maintaining Health & Safety 2020-21: Returning and In-School Guidelines

As we proceed with classes, we remain vigilant about our health and safety protocols so that faculty can teach with confidence, staff can work safely, and our students can continue to learn and flourish. To that end, we have updated our COVID-19 testing protocol such that after our Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks, we will require all faculty, staff, and students (K-12) to submit a negative test before returning to School for in-person learning.


Holiday Calendars and Schedules

Please click below to see the calendars, including holidays, partial school days, and schedules for returning to school after holidays. 

For more holiday schedules by role, faculty and staff may log in to MyDwight and navigate to the Faculty Portal resource board. 

Ongoing COVID-19 Testing

Ongoing COVID-19 testing is an enormously important part of our safety protocols. To keep our community safe, faculty and staff will undergo mandatory testing on a weekly basis. Students in grades 1-12 will be tested every two weeks. Preschool and kindergarten students will participate in saliva pool testing once every three weeks — this means that over a three-week period the entire Riverside Campus will be tested.


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