Riverside COVID-19 Testing Information

Dwight School has partnered with Mirimus Inc. (“Mirimus”) who created a system by which we can test groups of up to 24 individuals at a time in a single test that can be processed within a few hours of the collection of the samples. This allows fast identification of positive cases without the need for constant individual testing. In turn, this will lead to the isolation of the specific pool in which a positive case was identified, then the individual, thus preventing the spread within the community. By isolating the pool of individuals with exposure to the infected person(s), we may be able to continue to conduct in-person learning without risking further spread.

Testing Instructions

Click here for step-by-step testing instructions and watch the video below. 


Consent to Participate

Click here to review the consent form, which provides information about the program, including its purpose, benefits and how it works.