Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Our Mission

A leader in the IB, Dwight is dedicated to developing inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring individuals who, through intercultural understanding and respect, will become active members of just societies that with creativity, courage, and integrity will bring meaningful change to the world. As an International Baccalaureate School, Dwight is committed to fostering a strong sense of understanding among those with differing backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We recognize that diversity as a concept continues to evolve, and that we ― as a community ― must evolve with it. Our dedication to this effort shall be ongoing. 

We understand that our School’s community is enriched by its members’ varying backgrounds and embrace the challenging ― yet rewarding ― situations borne from diversity; furthermore, we will support and advocate for our community, ensuring that differences are celebrated and valued. We recognize that equity and inclusion are not only foundations to an equitable society, but also are virtues grounded in our three pillars: personalized learning, community, and global vision. At Dwight, we seek to develop and honor the cognitive, cultural, and ethical capacities and experiences that shape the unique identities of all our members ― always striving to cultivate mutual understanding, respect, and kindness.

Through programming and a multitude of engagement opportunities, such as forums and dialogues, affinity groups, professional development, extracurricular activities, and the IB curriculum, we encourage our community members to become active, compassionate, and empathetic learners and members of society.

As a global school, we feel it is crucial that students are supported in understanding their own lived experiences and in valuing the perspectives of those locally and internationally, ultimately preparing them to engage and thrive as global leaders.

Facilitating positive identity exploration is central to creating an inclusive community.

We are dedicated to the development of each student’s unique cognitive, social, and ethical capacities.

As a community, we will strive to ensure fair treatment of all people, resulting in fair opportunities and outcomes for everyone.

We will consistently strive for the absence of discrimination and the presence of values and systems that ensure fairness and justice.

We consistently strive for every member to arrive as their authentic selves, feel a true sense of belonging, be provided access to opportunities, and encouraged to be empowered participants of the Dwight community.

As a community, we recognize differences between people, and acknowledge that these differences are a valued asset, and will continue to strive for diverse representation, as doing so is a critical step toward equity.

Our Commitment to Equity and Justice

We know that the education system we operate within is not immune to inequities, and our responsibility in helping students to reflect, learn, and communicate is as vital now as it has ever been. As a community, we are firmly committed to helping every student express their voice by making our curriculum ever-more inclusive; reflecting on our own internal blindspots; and doing all that we can to promote safe, healthy, rich learning environments.

Though paramount to the process, diversifying our student body, faculty, and staff is not the only priority; and inclusion is not enough if we are not willing to acknowledge, name, and oppose the forces of racism, bias, hate, fear, and practices that prevent us from creating an equitable environment for all of our community members.
Moving forward, to help students continue to navigate issues of race, identity, oppression, and activism, starting in the 2020-21 school year, along with reframing our curriculum across all grades from preschool 2s-12, we will introduce the Pollyanna Racial Literacy curriculum for Pre-K-grade 10 designed to:

  • Develop awareness of individual identities and value those of others, and to recognize how our identities have an effect on our life experiences.
  • Engage students to think critically about race, racism, and systemic oppression.
  • Invite students to reflect on the role they and others can play in combating inequality and engaging in productive dialogue with those around them.

We realize that DEI work requires depth and accountability. We will embed the Teaching for Tolerance Framework across all levels, as well as incorporate the Teaching for Tolerance Social Justice Standards with those of the IB. Moving curriculum reform to the forefront and consistently enhancing practices will ensure that our students will learn to communicate across differences, respect commonalities among identities, challenge stereotypes, and become socially responsible.

We recognize that this work is multifaceted and ongoing; and it is imperative that we reflect on our commitment to social justice, and consistently strive to enhance our initiatives to embrace equity and inclusivity across our community.

Grade-level Approaches

Strategic Plan/Timeline


A critical component of our DEI work is ensuring that every member of our community is accountable for his/her actions ― and to one another ― beginning with our school’s administration.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Team

Michelle Darby, DEI Coordinator

212.724.6360 x397

DEI Events Calendar

Community members may log in to MyDwight and navigate to the portal resource boards to register.

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Tuesday, December 1, 5-6:15 pm: Teaching and learning

During this session, the School will share how we define and embed multicultural education into our curriculum across all divisions. This includes how we evaluate materials and lessons to ensure that they are accurate, free of bias, and inclusive of various identities and perspectives. 

School-wide DEI Update Session 

More sessions coming soon.