Get Involved

There are several ways get involved in 2021-22!

Annual Fund Committee

The Annual Fund is one of our most important fundraising initiatives. It is our yearly appeal to the entire community to support student financial aid, faculty professional development, and Spark Tank innovation grants. The Committee solicits and secures gifts to ensure that the Dwight community remains

Senior Gift Committee

Grade 12 families leave a legacy at Dwight by directing their Annual Fund donations to a specific purpose or part of the School to be dedicated in their honor. The Class of 2021 earned naming rights to the new Timothy House Entryway and the Class of 2020 earned the same for the Performing Arts Center on Columbus Avenue. The Committee solicits and secures gifts from fellow senior class parents. 

Spark Tank Committee

Spark Tank is Dwight’s incubator designed to nurture student leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship beyond the classroom for students in grades K-12. The Committee — comprised of parents and alumni in a variety of industries — provides mentorship and feedback to students in the Spark Tank program and approves funding for their projects. 

Spring Benefit Committee

The Spring Benefit is both a community building event and fundraiser and includes auction items generously donated by parents, alumni, and local businesses. The Committee solicits auction items, promotes ticket sales, and helps with event planning and logistics.

Forge Alumni Connections

If you are a Dwight, Franklin, or Anglo-American School graduate interested in becoming a Class Representative, joining the Alumni Council, or learning more about our other initiatives, please contact Olivia Merrick-Haight at 646.400.0312 or


Key Dates

July 2021

  • 2021-22 Annual Fund begins: July 1

October 2021

  • Reunion Day: October 16
  • Spark Talk: October 21
  • Spark Tank Event: October 26

November 2021

  • Spark Talk: November 11

December 2021

  • Giving Tuesday: December 1
  • Spark Talk: December 2
  • End of calendar-year tax-deductible contributions: December 31

January 2022

  • Alumni Basketball Game: January 8

February 2022

  • Spark Talk: February 3
  • #DSFLove Giving Initiative: February 7-14
  • Spark Tank Event: February 15
  • Spark Talk: February 24

March 2022

  • Spark Talk: March 10

April 2022

  • Spring Benefit: April 28

May 2022

  • Volunteer Appreciation Cocktail Party: May 24

June 2022

  • Spark Tank Event: June 1
  • Giving Challenge: June 15-16
  • 2021-22 Annual Fund closes — deadline for end of fiscal-year tax-deductible contributions: June 30

Questions about our committees? Contact us!

Moira Chouaf, Foundation Director

Important Donor Tax Information for 2021 Gifts

The second stimulus package, passed on December 27, 2020, allows individual and corporate taxpayers to increase their charitable contribution deductions for most public charities during calendar year 2021. Deduction limits for individuals have been raised to 100% of adjusted gross income (up from 60% previously), and corporate deduction has more than doubled. Individuals who do not itemize may deduct up to $300 for calendar year 2021, and those filing jointly may deduct up to $600.

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