Bernardo Sequeira ’22 Wins Shakespeare Competition for the Second Time!

Bravo to senior Bernardo Sequeira, who was selected as Dwight’s 2022 champion in our annual Shakespeare Monologue Competition for an impressive second time in his high school career!

With an equally impressive list of Dwight theatrical credits to his name, Bernardo has graced the stage in both dramas and musicals and his spark of genius as an actor has been apparent since sixth grade. As the 2020 winner of our Shakespeare Competition, he represented Dwight at the New York City semi-finals, which he also won — a stellar accomplishment for Bernardo and a first for any Dwight student.

About the Competition
This oratory match-up is a highlight of our English Department’s calendar. It has long been a part of our School’s history and holds special significance because it was launched by Dr. Paul Beresford-Hill MBE, former head of the Anglo-American International School, which joined forces with Dwight in 1993. When he introduced the program in 1983, 500 high school students participated; today, 50 times as many compete across school, local community, and national levels. Dr. Beresford-Hill just concluded his term as Chairman of the English-Speaking Union, which sponsors the National Shakespeare Competition, and his enduring legacy remains strong at Dwight.
This year’s finalists advanced through two preliminary rounds and distinguished themselves from over 200 competitors. Many among them are IB theater students, who have also been seen often on stage sharing their talents in Middle and Upper School productions and Scene Nights. 

According to competition rules, students are unable to use accents, costumes, sets, or props, so that everyone is on an equal playing field. As such, their performances are a testament to sheer dramatic talent — to their eloquence and capacity to deliver emotionally compelling monologues. To reach the finals and embody the Bard’s words, they worked with both their grade-level English teachers and Kim Guzowski, MYP and DP Theater Teacher, whose own passion for reading, performing, and directing Shakespeare is impressive. She devotes quite a bit of personal time to coaching students each year and for that we are all grateful.

A Round of Applause for All
We congratulate all of the finalists whose performances made it especially hard for the faculty judging team: Terry Christgau, Shellee Hendricks, Laurel Aquadro, and Dawn Kangas. The winner of each grade level is indicated with an asterisk (*):

Grade 9

  • Olivia Beal*
  • Louisa Deyer
  • MacPhee Gleason

Grade 10

  • Allegra Masterson*
  • Brooke Radosevich
  • Guilherme Sequeira

Grade 11

  • Mica Quelle
  • Kyra Spahn*
  • Lily Ventura

Grades 12

  • Carolina Bueno Silva Arap
  • Rory Paltridge
  • Bernardo Sequeira*

Coming Next
Bernardo, who chose a monologue from Act II, Scene II of Hamlet, perhaps the greatest tragic play of all time, will be fine-tuning his performance — and adding a dramatic recitation of a Shakespeare sonnet — to represent Dwight in the upcoming city-wide round of the competition. From there, Bernardo has a chance to advance to the state and national rounds. We wish him good luck as he moves ahead in this prestigious competition!

To see Bernardo and all of our talented finalists perform their monologues, please click below. 

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