Channel One News Spotlights Juniors Michelle Rhee and Madalena Teles for Spark Tank Success

Congratulations to Madalena Teles '19 and Michelle Rhee '19, who were featured in their own Channel One News segment about teenagers and technology!

Congratulations to Michelle Rhee '19 and Madalena Teles '19, who were featured in their own Channel One News segment about teenagers and technology! The dynamic duo have worked for the last few years on the development of an app called TimeBreak to help people manage their time better, especially busy teenagers like themselves, catching the attention of the media. Channel One News broadcasts daily into classrooms across the country, reaching six million students ― the perfect audience for TimeBreak! Watch the segment here.

Michelle and Madalena, who met when they both came to Dwight in eighth grade, became fast friends and then collaborators when they took their idea for an app into Spark Tank, Dwight's incubator designed to nurture entrepreneurial, innovation, and leadership skills beyond the classroom. That app, called TechBreak, was aimed at helping people manage the amount of time spent, and their dependence, on devices and social media. While the idea was very much on target, Madalena and Michelle ran into some technical obstacles when developing the app for the iPhone, so they took stock, reconsidered, and pivoted to develop TimeBreak. In the course of designing a product or launching a start-up, entrepreneurs often face similar challenges that these students did; Madalena and Michelle's ability to navigate through that process demonstrates their perseverance and fortitude, which are traits that will benefit them well in the future in whatever endeavor they undertake.

"In Spark Tank, I learned a lot about myself, how to expand an idea into a physical product, and how to step back and think critically to overcome an obstacle and move forward. I also learned to think about my career as an entrepreneur," reports Michelle.

Madalena, like Michelle, credits Dwight's incubator with quite a lot: "Spark Tank helped me get my ideas out there in the world and use my imagination to make the world a better place. What I take from Spark Tank — and what I will still talk about when I'm old — is our amazing project and how Dwight made it come true!"

TimeBreak is available in the App Store for iOS (Apple devices) — download it today!

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