Dwight Global Offers Free Webinar Series to Help  Students, Teachers, and Families in the Age of COVID-19

Since our inception, Dwight Global Online School has successfully translated what educators can do on the ground in Dwight Schools into the cloud.

Using an array of technologies (and lots of family and educator feedback) to help students thrive in our robust, rigorous online education program, Dwight Global has been recognized for building community and personalizing the experience for each student. As the rest of the world pivots to online learning, we’re here to help by sharing our best practices and experiences, so that other schools and educators can provide true extensions of their brick-and-mortar classrooms. 

We’re pleased to offer a series of free webinars to help students, families, and fellow educators adjust to these massive changes in teaching and learning. Our diverse faculty and student body have years of experience using virtual tools, and we’ve created several sessions that speak to the issues you’re likely facing – from students who can answer questions about what it’s like to go to school virtually and offer tips for success, to administrators, school counselors, and teachers who can discuss how to structure online courses as well as how to manage the stress that can accompany a dramatic shift like this. 

Please see our complete webinar series here

We hope that you’ll register – and share the free session information with fellow educators and families you know!

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