Dwight Global Students: Aces on the Court and in the Classroom

One look at our Dwight Global Online School’s Facebook page and you’ll be impressed by students who are pursuing their tennis sparks of genius — and their winning streaks!

Thanks to Dwight Global’s commitment to supporting students’ passions, students can follow their dreams on the tennis court — or wherever they lead — well beyond the traditional 8 am-3 pm school day. Students can attend online classes from home, their tennis center, or on the road — and many do! In fact, we have over 20 competitive tennis players spanning grades 7-12.

Vice Chancellor Blake Spahn, who was the Captain of the 1994 Ivy League Champion Columbia University Men’s Tennis team, said, “Tennis players competing at the highest levels today have huge demands on their time between practice, travel, and tournaments. Dwight Global gives these players the flexibility they need to achieve their goals, while allowing them to experience a world-class education. I wish we had this program at Dwight when I was in high school!"

Dwight Global classes are NCAA-approved, which is required for students to enter Division I and II colleges. Two recent Dwight Global grads — and siblings — Lillian ’16 and Karl ’18 play for Division I schools; Lillian at Boise State and Karl at Princeton. Other Dwight graduates have gone on to play tennis at Harvard, Dartmouth, Columbia, Notre Dame, Middlebury, Tufts, Rutgers, Vassar, and Carleton College, among other schools. 

Well on their path to playing tennis in college or in the pros, DG students compete in tournaments across the country and around the world. They impress us continually with their records and rankings! 

Dwight Global is proud of all of the tennis aces on our team:

Grade 7 Grade 10
Cooper Williams Tyler Korobov
  Gianna Rosato
Grade 8  
Erin Ha Grade 11
  Rebecca Fisch
Grade 9 Jeffrey Fradkin
Jace Alexander Matthew LeCorps
Dylan Applegate Alexey Lutz
John-Tomas Bilski Josef Sajonz
Chun-Po Huang Prisha Vyas
Nicholas Rosato  
Ty Switzer Grade 12
Evan Wen Mackenzie Clark
Doug Yaffa Michael Cooper
  Rosie Garcia Gross
  Kiev Moor

In addition to championing students’ sparks, Dwight Global supports the sport by sponsoring a number of junior tennis tournaments in Florida, making it a grand-slam win in straight sets for everyone! 

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