Fall Athletic Activities Kept Dwight Lions on Their Toes

While our athletic teams were unable to compete in interscholastic league competitions this season due to the pandemic, student-athletes participated in a range of clubs designed to help them stay active and further develop their skills and confidence. 

Here’s a round-up of what our Lions were up to:

Soccer Club
Middle and Upper School Soccer Club members trained every day after school in Central Park with their assigned cohort. Coaches Tyers, Ascher, and Michalak were extremely pleased to see training sessions go so well with individual skill development focusing primarily on foot skills, passing, shooting, situational awareness and decision-making, attacking and defending. 

“While I certainly wish the entirety of the teams could train together, this was a great experience for players to hone in on their personal growth and development. It was really encouraging to see the effort they put forth at every session as well as the improvements that so many made during the season,” reports Coach Michalak. 

Volleyball Club
The same can be said by Coach Chuck for the Volleyball teams. Members of the Upper and Middle School Girls Volleyball Club trained every day on our Main Campus. The players put forth an incredible amount of time and effort to develop skills such as footwork, bumping, setting, serving, and spiking. In order to improve these skills, lower body workouts and jump programs were initiated. All will help students to improve their timing and efficacy in team play as well as individual performance.  

Cross-country Club
The Running Club has helped students improve cardiovascular endurance as well as overall running performance. With Central Park directly across the street from School, we have easy access to plentiful cross-country trails and training grounds. Coaches Scott and Sklar were extremely creative when designing workouts for the runners – optimizing output and effort while keeping safe. Running for distance is always hard; when adding a mask to the equation, it is a true testament to resilience and determination. 

Fitness Club
All students interested in maintaining and improving their physical and mental health had an opportunity to participate in the Fitness Club three times a week. Coach Spiegel implemented personalized workouts to help students reach their personal fitness goals. Many workouts consisted of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), CrossFit, yoga, mindfulness, strength training, and cardio.
Table-top Tennis Club
Students in our Middle School Table-top Tennis Club were able to develop and build their skills to compete with each other two to three times a week by working with Coach Kouveras. Club membership grew throughout the fall and will continue into the winter with more table-top tennis  to come.

We look forward to seeing what our Lions will be doing next to stay in tip-top training shape!

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