Fall Lions Roar Loudly and Win Championships!

Dwight kicked off the fall season with scholar-athletes taking the soccer pitch, volleyball court, and cross country course by storm.

Our Girls Varsity Soccer and Varsity Volleyball teams were unstoppable, with both taking home the ISAL Championship titles and the Volleyball squad also earning their spot in the NYSAIS Post Season Tournament for two consecutive seasons! Read on to see what our student-athletes and coaches achieved together with tons of Lion pride. 

Girls Varsity Soccer    
This fall was one for the record books, as the Girls Varsity Soccer team was undefeated in the ISAL and crowned the League Champions, with an overall record of 10-4-1. The players became very close throughout the season, building camaraderie and teamwork; and seniors really set an example for other student-athletes, carrying themselves with maturity and bringing a powerful presence to the pitch. We will miss all of them: Sofia Chenillo, Zoe Droulias, and Erica Frenette. Looking ahead, the team declares: "We're not done yet." With that, we’re eager to see how this translates next fall!

Boys Varsity Soccer    
Despite being an overall young team, the Boys Varsity Soccer squad stepped onto the pitch to compete in top form every second. With a record of 6-4 and earning a spot in the playoffs, the team worked hard to make their dreams of an ACIS League championship victory an eventual reality. Coach Max Tyers says, "after coming in third this season, we're hoping to win it all next season!" Stellar performances by seniors Jason Lopez, Dan Boekamp, Simon Mabott, and Jonah Saltzman helped the Lions this year. According to Coach Tyers, “future stars Johnny Goldenberg '24, Nico Faessler '25, and David Weisleder '25 are eager to take the reigns and guide the team to success next year.”

Boys JV Soccer    
Ending with a record of 5-2, is our Boys JV Soccer team who were able to enter the ISAL playoffs! The program included 25 players from four different grade levels which made playing together as a cohesive unit challenging, but by the end of the season they were just one large group that felt comfortable with each other on and off the field. Sam Kassel ‘25 shares that the team had begun to have fun once the team chemistry was established. Sam went on to say, "we had some good practices and played some great games together." The team is definitely looking forward to rematches with all of their opposition next season.

Middle School Soccer    
It was a memorable season for our Middle School Soccer team filled with lots of development, concluding with a record of 3-3-2. Coach Elijah Kerr says, "This fall was a journey as we all looked to improve as both individuals and soccer players. I'm very proud of the growth and determination this group showed to overcome their obstacles. I know that each player will go on to do great things as they continue down their paths." We're excited to see the skills these athletes have developed carry over into the next season.

Girls Varsity Volleyball
It was a rigorous and momentous season for Girls Varsity Volleyball this year, as they competed in tournaments and back-to-back games. It was a rollercoaster ride that ended with our Lions competing in both ISAL and ACIS Playoffs, becoming the ISAL League Champions and reclaiming the throne as the ISAL Playoff Champions! Seniors Lisa Canevari, Olivia Wamble, Layla Purovic, and Mica Quelle will forever be remembered for their impactful contributions to the program's success, as evidenced by the championship banners hanging in Dwight’s Athletic Center.

Girls JV Volleyball Blue & Red
Coaches Camile Pangalangan and Jan Gallao report how much fun they had coaching so many eager athletes; from the very first day it was clear to see that there was a lot of interest in the program, so naturally everyone aimed to put their best foot forward. With the program being predominantly filled with freshmen this year, the coaches were impressed by how quickly athletes were able to grasp fresh concepts and strategies. One of the most memorable victories for the team was winning a regular season game against Packer, which eventually won the ACIS Championships. As a result of their hard work, our JV Volleyball Lions made it into the ISAL Playoffs. While they didn’t triumph there, they are motivated to fight even harder next season. Coaches Jan and Camile, state that there is a deep pool of potential to draw from which will only continue to flourish along with the program.

Middle School Volleyball Blue & Red
Seventh graders worked hard during every practice and got better in every game. The eighth grade team finished the season with a record of 7-3, fourth place in the ISAL. Led by Captains Leah Kimyagarov ’27 and Kira Stratopoulos ’27, they were very close, played well together, and showed great teamwork on the court. Chloe Tonkin ’27 and Izabella Darby ’27 were excellent servers. We expect eighth graders to be a big part of our high school team next year and we look forward to all of our seventh graders returning next season.

Varsity Cross Country   
Success came to Varsity Cross Country, as the girls placed third in the ISAL league as a team and Jamie Knox ’25 won an individual boys championship. The runners ended up competing in the NYSAIS Championship Meet which was nothing short of amazing and, as a result, we are very proud. Jack Yoon ’23 took on more of a leadership role this season, as the only senior on a young team, so it was nice to see him guiding less experienced athletes. "People might assume Cross Country is an individual sport; however, at Dwight we pushed each other to our very best this year thanks to my amazing teammates and coaches," says Jack, who will be dearly missed next year. 

Middle School Cross Country   
This fall was a season of development, as our young Middle School Cross Country runners learned proper technique while building their endurance. Coach Doug Sklar is looking forward to growing the program next year and to further establishing the cross country culture at Dwight.  

With another successful fall season on the record books, we look forward to seeing what our winter Lions will achieve!

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