Joey Heppard ’19 Is “Inducted” into Our 13-Year Club!

Tomorrow, the Class of 2019 will graduate and celebrate the last milestone they will experience altogether before taking their next big steps beyond Dwight.

There is one among them — Joey Heppard — who began his Dwight journey in Kindergarten, and he has the distinction of being the newest member of our 13-Year Club!

Also a member of Dwight’s NYSAIS championship-winning Varsity Basketball team, Joey enjoyed numerous victories with fellow Lions over the last four years; the most recent was the third consecutive ACIS League title this season. As he completed final assessments and his busy senior year came to a close, we asked Joey a few questions about his Dwight experience:

What is your spark of genius and how has Dwight helped to ignite it?
“My spark of genius is my ability to stay true to myself in any given circumstance. Dwight has fostered my spark by helping me to have more of an open mind. Throughout my years here, I have been in several different unique classes that have introduced me to new interests.”

What did you enjoy most about Dwight?
“I enjoyed Dwight’s individualized attention, which has assisted me in improving my academics. I also enjoyed connecting with my friends, which has been even more intriguing because the majority of my classmates come from different backgrounds.”

What has changed the most over your years here?
“I would say myself. Dwight has taught me valuable lessons that have helped me to mature and progress from a kid into a man.” 

What college will you attend next year?
“I will be attending High Point University.” 

What do you hope to major in and what might you want to do as a career?
“In college, I will major in business. In the future, I hope to become a lawyer.” 

We’re sure that whatever field Joey chooses, it will be a slam-dunk!

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