“Listen to the Music” Underscored Unity through Community  Across The Dwight Schools

From multiple continents and across different time zones, members of the Dwight global community logged on to their computers on April 17 to watch a live-streamed concert, “Listen to the Music,” performed by students worldwide. 

This special event, which was organized and hosted by Dwight School Seoul, illustrated the power of creativity to surmount the challenges that the pandemic has brought. Despite travel restrictions, our global network pushed forward to connect and collaborate virtually for The Dwight Schools’ annual music festival, which has previously been held at New York’s Carnegie Hall for many years, and at the Shanghai Concert Hall two years ago. Always one of the biggest highlights of the calendar year, this music festival brings together student-performers and music faculty to share a week of rehearsals, friendship, and cultural exchange — all before gracing the concert stage to share their musical sparks of genius in a glorious culminating concert.

To prepare for this year’s virtual concert, Dwight School Seoul’s music team partnered with colleagues on other campuses to design a program featuring music across genres, bringing the best of technology to inspire and showcase our students’ talent. While extending a proud Dwight tradition, our Music Directors and faculty reinvented it in unprecedented times.  

The concert took shape via film, with each campus submitting their pieces differently based on local COVID-19 conditions: Dwight in Dubai, Seoul, and Shanghai did not have restrictions for recording in groups, while Dwight in London was closed, so their School performance was edited together from individual videos. 

In New York, Katelyn Moon ’23 recorded her own violin solo of a Chopin nocturne; while fellow performers recorded their own parts for an original song written by Justin Chen ’21, who edited them together with his own. He sang the vocals and performed on guitar, drums, keyboard, saxophone, and trumpet — yes, all five instruments!

When it came to the finale, “Listen to the Music,” the Seoul team edited together individual recordings of more than 100 musicians and singers from every campus — and one dancer from Shanghai. Music faculty joined in, as did some parents from Seoul, and the result was a joyful celebration of music and unity!

Nothing makes us happier than when the entire Dwight family comes together to collaborate and build bridges across countries and the world, and this year’s concert — a testament to the strength and ingenuity of our global community — certainly brought smiles to every Dwight Lion’s face!

To enjoy “Listen to the Music” or watch it again, please click here.

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