Michael Wiesenfeld Receives Outstanding Educator Award

Congratulations to Michael Wiesenfeld, Esq., Head of our Upper School English Department, for winning a 2019 Education Update Outstanding Educator Award!

In a ceremony at the Harvard Club this week, he was presented with this prestigious honor, which recognizes some of the most dedicated teachers in New York.
Mr. Wiesenfeld has been a member of our faculty since 2011 and this award is certainly well-deserved. He brings his love of incisive reading and writing to the classroom, engaging students in passionate, cogent literary analysis and leading them to exceptional IB achievements year after year. As Department Head, Mr. Wiesenfeld guides faculty in curricula and class management, and conducts senior seminars about college application essays.
Following in Dwight’s tradition of igniting the spark of genius in every child, Mr. Wiesenfeld tapped into his own spark as a former prosecutor in New York City and created our Constitutional Law course, an elective examining current legal controversies involving issues such as abortion, gun control, immigration, and civil liberties. He also launched Dwight’s Mock Trial Team, coaching students on the details of the American court system and trial advocacy, including evidentiary laws and strategic questioning in direct and cross-examinations. Competing in the New York State Bar Association Mock Trial Tournament, Dwight’s 2019 team advanced through seven rounds, reaching the New York City semi-finals — earning distinction as the number-one Mock Trial program in Manhattan and number one among all private schools across New York City.
“No award for any educator is earned in a void,” said Mr. Wiesenfeld. “To be successful as a teacher or coach, you must have the guidance of an expert administration and the support of talented colleagues. I am lucky to have both. This award recognizes not only me, but also Dwight’s distinguished leaders and my dedicated colleagues in the English Department, who share their substantial skills and experience with me every day. I am as much indebted to all of them as I am honored to have received this award.”