Scholar-Athletes and Coaches Roar with Pride After Fall Season

Dwight kicked off this fall with scholar-athletes taking the soccer pitch, volleyball court, and cross country course by storm!

Our students and coaches shared their achievements and reflections after a successful season full of wins, playoff appearances, personal bests, and tons of Dwight Lion pride! 

Varsity Cross Country
Our XC Lions ran laps around the ISAL competition! 

Alex Rich '21, Alp Alagoz '20, Matthew Armstrong '21, Fynn Haagen '21, Luca Gendzier-Imperiali '22, and Jack Xia '21 all placed individually in the top ten in the championship ISAL meet. 

Coach Mika Scott is also pleased to report a second-place team finish in the ACIS championship meet and impressive, sub 21-minute 5k times for four runners: 

  • Alex: 17:54 minutes 
  • Alp: 18:05 minutes 
  • Matthew: 19:18 minutes 
  • Luca: 20:53 minutes 

Alp commends his teammate, Jack, for shaving three minutes off of his 5k time as well. He adds that the group also practiced their teamwork through community service by volunteering at St. Michael’s soup kitchen together.  

Coach Scott congratulates seniors Alp, Joey Demarest, Autumn Anderson, and Jonathan Dever for a fantastic season and wishes them well. They’ll be missed next year! 

Middle School Cross Country
Coach Doug Skylar is thrilled to share that each member of the small but mighty Middle School cross country team posted a personal record best each successive time they hit the course in competition this fall. 

He shares that Tia '25 demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities, always remained focused and disciplined during tougher workouts, and earned a top-ten finish in her final race. Likewise, Charlie '25 showed steady and significant improvement in technique, progressively placing more competitively, until she ended her season with a top 15 finish. Rainy '25 and Chris '25 gained confidence, strength, and speed with each race. Sebastian Arbeiter-Hoole '24 lent his sense of humor to the team, while improving his own times steadily. Kilian Bouet '24 persevered despite an injury, showing tremendous heart in the final straightaways of each race. 

Coach Skylar remarks, “It was a pleasure to see all six members of the team grow together and make significant progress as individuals. I’m excited to see where they go from here!”  

Girls Varsity Soccer
These Lions book-ended their season with exciting successes they won’t soon forget!

Isabel Beiboer '22 shares, “My highlight of this season was one of our first games when we won 7-1. It truly set the bar for our team and gave everyone a great amount of confidence. People who might not usually score did score, and people who don’t usually play did play. I think it was a great way to start and we all ended the match very proud of ourselves and of our abilities. I also scored four goals, so I was very excited for the rest of the season!”

Coach Max Aken-Tyers was also proud to see each Lion improve her abilities, culminating in a great show of force in the ISAL League playoffs. “My favorite moment of the season was against Léman in the playoffs. The team gave fantastic all-around performances and showed vast improvement in their abilities and leadership,” he says. 

Coach Aken-Tyers adds that Deba Kermanshah '20 and Isabel were standouts. “Deba is one of the best leaders I have seen on a sports team, and Isabel broke a team record by scoring in nine consecutive games!”

Boys Varsity Soccer
The Varsity Boys team, with majority freshman and sophomore players, had an outstanding season! 

Coach Denis Michalak shares his pride in each Lion’s effort and performance. Coach Brett Madarasz credits Co-captain Alex Goldenberg '21 and freshman Daniel Gutierrez for their exceptional leadership skills. Both coaches also applaud high scorers Daniel and Gustav Alwen '21, who posted eight goals each for the season. 

Alex states that it was a big year for the team. “We had loads of goals from Gustav, saves from both Luca Tornamber '22 and Sam Weisleder '22, and assists from the freshman duo of Simon Mabbot and Daniel,” he shares. Although they missed entry into the ACIS League playoffs by just one point, Alex says he’s proud of how far the team came and their solid standing by the end of the season. 

Co-captain Kyle Mulligan '22 called the season “one to remember,” and reflected on some nail-biting victories when he and teammates Gustav, Simon, and Daniel met the challenge head on. Kyle himself scored a late-game volley to tip the score in Dwight’s favor against Grace Church.

We look forward to cheering this young team on to more victories next year! 

Boys JV Soccer
Coach Jonathan Ascher says that the team worked extremely hard and ended the season on a high note. “With the leadership of Enzo Palaci Zani '22 and play from our leading scorer, Oliver Bartlett '23, we made a playoff push and had an overall very successful season!” he says. 

Blaze Cameron '22 adds congratulations to his teammates on a particularly well-earned 4-1 victory over Packer. He notes that Jacobo Bustos '23 had great saves, while Enzo led the defense with great communication and tackling ability. Oliver scored an inspiring goal in the first half, generating the momentum Blaze says the team needed to secure the win.

Middle School Soccer
Our middle schoolers on the pitch finished their season with a positive record, posting three exciting wins to a single loss. Jonny Goldenberg '24 and Grant '25 were the lead scorers with three goals each. 

Coach Neil Brier shares that team members supported one another equally in times of victory and when mistakes were made: “We stuck together through the entire season and the results showed!” 

Varsity Volleyball
This team wrapped up a winning season by claiming second place in the ISAL League championship finals! 

Coach Tiam Chuck and Assistant Coach Carmelo Cintron applaud their four senior players. “They were dedicated, determined, outspoken, and most importantly, approachable to the younger players,” reports Coach Cintron. “We will miss them dearly!”

Coach Chuck shares that senior Manuela Hissnauer stepped onto the court with strong knowledge of the game and steady execution every day. Her teammates agree that Manuela served as the squad’s backbone. She supported and encouraged her teammates while serving up aces, top scores, and a formidable defense!

Coach Cintron also shouts out younger members of the team, “Our freshman athletes shined! They stepped up big time to score points when it mattered, capture blocks when it was needed, and distributed the ball to all of our hitters.” He adds, “Our juniors created a solid foundation for our freshman, helping to ease the transition to becoming Varsity volleyball players.” 

Coach Chuck also applauds junior players: “Alina Rivera’s '21 serves and defensive plays got us out of jams — in fact, her serves helped solidify our spot in the finals! Apolline Marcel '21 and Chloe Trujillo '21 had lots of power-packed plays on the court.” 

JV Volleyball
The JV Volleyball team posted a winning record over the second half of their season. Coach Peter Myers shares that the two youngest players, Amarina Beard-Galati '24 and Edel '25, emerged as the season MVPs. He also applauds the performance of setters Grace Guthart '22 and Adriana Berlfein '23, along with setter-turned-strong-outside-hitter, Jade Abramson '22. Coach Myers reports that Grace led the team, acting as a role model and taking care to make every girl feel included and welcome. 

Grace shares that some of the team’s proudest moments came from servings streaks — by Emma Laurence '23, Edel, and Amarina — and long plays. 

Coach Myers adds, “An amazing moment during the season came when we were down 11-24  to Garden in the second set and Emma went back to serve. She served 13 straight points to tie the game at 24-24! It was great to witness and was a turning point in our season, both for our belief in our ability to compete and team bonding.” 

Middle School Volleyball
With a winning season record, the Middle School Girls Volleyball team had a lot to celebrate this fall! Coach Katie reports that the squad did a fantastic job of coming together and playing as a cohesive unit. She applauds Emma Regjaj '24, Jolin Zheng '24, Lilliana Dellin '24, and Danielle ‘25 for excelling with great serves; and Emma and Tabitha Hill '24 as team leaders. 

Emma reflects on an exciting three-game winning streak, and remarks that her team won not only because of their skills, but also because of their ability to stay cool and united in the face of pressure from tough opponents.

Coach Meredith Nuber and scholar-athlete Jolin both shout out the development of Danielle’s powerful overhand serve! Coach Nuber was glad to see our Lions play well together, work hard, and have lots of fun along the way.


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