Arts Program

The arts are integral to a Dwight education. Beginning in our preschool with exposure to the fundamentals, and continuing through grade 12 with deeper learning in history, theory, and technique, students are exposed to the arts and learn to appreciate them from a global perspective.

Students may discover that their spark of genius lies in the arts, and through Dwight classes and extra-curricular programs, they have ample opportunities to develop their talents and express themselves through music, theater, dance, and the visual arts.

Whether a soloist or part of an ensemble, orchestra, band, or chorus, students perform on campus and at leading New York City venues, including Carnegie Hall, where they take to this illustrious stage alongside peers from Dwight’s global campuses for an annual concert. Student actors and dancers perform on off-Broadway, professional theater, and dance stages throughout Manhattan, showcasing their skills and original choreography.

Visual Arts


Performing Arts