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Dwight has long been an innovator at the forefront of education, bringing new thinking into the classroom and shaping exciting new opportunities for students to excel beyond.

An education that cultivates brainstorming, problem-solving, and collaboration plays a pivotal role in preparing students to succeed in our rapidly changing world where the future is unknown. We recognize the importance of equipping students with the learning, skills, and experiences that will empower them to thrive and lead in any endeavor. Equally important is ensuring that learning occurs within a global perspective, which is inherent in both our Schools’ culture and the IB curriculum. 

At Dwight, we provide that education by integrating the design thinking process — a cornerstone of the IB curriculum — with the cultivation of innovation skills and an entrepreneurial mindset through project-based learning. We foster creativity, decision-making, confidence, and adaptability. Students are encouraged to be proactive, resilient, and resourceful. Promoting an entrepreneurial mindset also encourages students to embrace calculated risks, seize opportunities, and take initiative, which will serve them well in their own ventures or in the highly competitive working world.

We provide students with opportunities and experiences in which they can develop an entrepreneurial mindset and innovation skills, including: 

Spark Tank

Spark Tank is deeply aligned with our mission of igniting the spark of genius in every child — and integral to what makes Dwight so unique. In fact, Dwight in New York was one of the first schools in the U.S. to create an incubator for students in grades K-12. Students dive into Spark Tank, where they can bring their ideas to start their own business, design their own product, or launch their own non-profit to fruition with the guidance and support of mentors in Dwight’s parent and alumni community. 

Along the way in Spark Tank, which is an after-school program, we equip our student-
entrepreneurs with practical skills, such as financial literacy and budgeting, project management, marketing, and public speaking — all of which enhance their chances of seeing their ideas come to life.


Sparkathon is another opportunity Dwight students have to hone entrepreneurial and problem-solving skills beyond the classroom. Those in grades 6-12 who are eager to make a difference in the world join together to participate in a 48-hour design challenge across all of our Dwight Schools called Sparkathon. We kicked off this event in 2023, in partnership with the Ocean Conservancy, a global nonprofit dedicated to protecting the ocean and its wildlife, by inviting students to apply their creativity as collaborative team members charged with developing and presenting innovative solutions to the plastic pollution crisis. The results were inspiring, and we look forward to continuing this exciting challenge in years to come.

Spark Talks

Across Dwight campuses, leaders from an array of industries, companies, and communities share lessons learned, career trajectories, and advice for students at Dwight. These talks take various forms and are shared across campuses for the benefit of Dwight students learning from leaders around the world.

Spark Talk with Brantley Turner

Spark Talk with Marco Chimillio