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Learning Support

Our mission of igniting the spark of genius in every child lies at the very core of our Schools’ personalized learning pillar. Just as every student is unique, with their own interests and talents, so is their Dwight journey. Students need varying levels of support and our faculty provide that within the classroom, as well as through the following programs, to help them thrive and succeed.


Dwight’s renowned Quest Program evolved from Oxford University’s tutorial mentorship model. Today, it combines research-based special education pedagogy with the creativity of design thinking to provide students with strength-based and innovative one-on-one academic and organizational training. 

While the program is designed to help students with learning differences succeed as they move through the rigorous Dwight curriculum, the integration of Quest support services into the School benefits all types of learners. The goal of Quest is to provide the structure and expertise of trained educators to maximize every student’s academic potential. It provides a deep and comprehensive level of in-school support.

Areas of focus include:

  • Skill and executive functioning development for students with learning differences and/or in need of skill building
  • Enrichment for students who have specific interests or need extra support in key academic areas 
  • Helping students understand their own unique learning needs and become self-advocates

Our Quest teachers, who are specialists in learning differences as well as in all IB curricular areas, connect with a student’s teachers on a daily basis. They also coordinate with deans and other members of the student support team, making for a truly holistic approach.


Advanced Learners

We offer a challenging program for students with exceptional academic abilities. Support is customized to meet the individual needs and goals of gifted and talented students. 

Test Prep: Planning and Support 

We offer individualized, age-appropriate test prep for the standardized exams that matter most to our families on every Dwight campus.These courses are designed to boost confidence and performance. With a proven record of success, our partner organizations focus on the individual needs of students and match each student with an educator based on their learning styles and motivation.

English as an Alternate Language

We offer English as an Alternate Language (EAL) integration in every grade for English learners of every level. With small EAL class sizes, our specialists can meet the unique needs of each student.  

Typically, EAL students spend one academic year at each level, from beginner to advanced, but we know that every student is different and a variety of factors affect the learning process, including the age at which they begin learning, their mother tongue, and much more. Students progress and graduate from our program by passing assessments based on the language demands of Dwight's curriculum.