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Grade 2

Grade 2 students become more active and independent as learners, as they master skills learned in lower grades. They start to build a strong foundation for future intellectual and creative pursuits. Their curiosity is engaged with numerous field trips in New York City.

A supportive and engaging learning environment, Grade 2 students learn to care about each other and members of the larger school community.

Grade 2 offers the Primary Years Program of the International Baccalaureate curriculum. In this student-centered curriculum, learning is inquiry-based, ensuring that each student’s strengths and interests are at the forefront of the learning experience.

Students may study Spanish, French, or Mandarin. Additional language offerings and Mother Tongue language classes are available upon request.

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Peek Inside the Classroom

On any day, you might find our Grade 2 students:

  • Working as a team to create silhouettes inspired by Henri Matisse, and sharing their portraits at a meeting of the entire Lower School
  • Writing letters of appreciation to the people who help make Dwight such a special place
  • Researching a natural disaster using iPads, and conducting an experiment to make a volcano explode
  • Visiting Ellis Island as a class to learn about the immigrant experience and writing a realistic story about a journey to America
  • Practicing telling time to the nearest five minutes as part of a math lesson, and then celebrating "Poem in Your Pocket" day by reading a poem about time

Explore the Curriculum

Second grade at Dwight provides a strong academic foundation of intellectual and creative pursuits with a focus on ongoing skill development. The language arts curriculum focuses on basic reading, writing, grammar, spelling, penmanship, critical thinking, speaking, and listening. The second grade Units of Inquiry examine the concepts of interdependence, symbology, transformation, expression through stories, movement of people, and healthy choices. Students begin to learn basic research skills, discuss current events, and work collaboratively with a group. Opportunities are provided to encourage children to become active and independent learners. The curriculum is extended through numerous field trips that utilize the many resources of the city such as Ellis Island, The Museum at Eldridge Street, The American Museum of Natural History, and Central Park Natural Classrooms.

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