Grade 6

Grade 6 marks an important transition for students ― into Middle School. Students spread their wings by moving beyond a single classroom into different learning spaces like science labs. As they enter this new and exciting phase, students take on a larger course load, become more independent, and begin to explore their passions and interests with greater focus.

Dwight launched a leadership program for students in grades 6, 7, and 8, which took shape in a variety ways for each grade level. Sixth graders were challenged to improvise and collaborate on a special dinner for their parents. Click here to learn more about this unique project!

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A Tradition of Leadership

Inside the Classroom

You might find our Grade 6 students:

  • Starting the year with an overnight class orientation and bonding trip to the Catskills
  • Creating 3-D models of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Design class, while simultaneously studying ancient civilizations in Social Studies
  • Collaborating with peers at Dwight’s global campuses
  • Reaching new levels in math at their own pace with adaptive learning platforms
  • Volunteering in a Central Park Conservancy project in connection to their Research class and as part of their community service day
  • Performing science experiments to determine the difference between chemical and physical changes

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