Grade 8

Students in grade 8 become leaders of Middle School and draw on the skills they have learned to take greater intellectual risks and explore their passions and interests with increasingly greater focus. In this last year before High School, students complete an independent research project and are more reflective.

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Inside the Classroom

You might find our Grade 8 students:

  • Designing their own controlled physical science experiments in the study of the scientific method, and making a 3-D movie of the design and testing process
  • Solving quadratic and rational equations, and using algebra to analyze patterns in a personal area of interest
  • Meeting a lobbyist and Congressional staffer during the grade-wide trip to Washington, DC
  • Advancing philosophical inquiry skills in contemporary civilization class
  • Using the design cycle of investigating, planning, creating, and evaluating to solve problems in technology class

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Associate Head of Middle School,
Global Curriculum Director
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