Kindergarten Placement

Dwight School holds a unique position of being the only nursery through twelfth grade school in New York City. We recognize that the transition from preschool into kindergarten is a decision made with great care and we provide all of our families with support and guidance.

Alicia Janiak, Associate Head and Kindergarten Placement Coordinator, leads our efforts in finding the right school for your child. Alicia has over a decade of experience in admissions and placement within New York City independent schools and also served as Dwight’s Director of Admissions for many years.

Many of our current Pre-K families whose children are developmentally ready and meet our September 1st birthday cut-off continue on into our kindergarten program by simply re-enrolling in January. For those who wish to explore other ongoing, single sex, religiously affiliated, or public schools are provided with the utmost support beginning in the spring prior to entering our Pre-K.

Kindergarten placement at Dwight begins with a spring workshop to educate all families about the admissions process and to assist them in exploring the many options available. In the spring, we hold individual meetings with families to begin the planning process and provide ongoing support throughout the admissions season. We take great pride in understanding each and every family’s individual needs and develop strong relationships within our community to assist in every student’s journey to kindergarten.

To review the kindergarten acceptance list for the last two years, please click here.


Chris Allen

Head of Early Childhood Division

Colleen Brown

Associate Head of Early Childhood Division

Alicia Morris

Director of Kindergarten Admissions,
Associate Head of Early Childhood Division

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