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Why Choose Quest

Quest is far more than academic support. The program combines convenience and reliability of on-site support with the efficiency of a teacher well-versed in the Dwight culture, curriculum and program expectations.

Extensive Support for the Whole Child

  • Students are observed in the classroom setting by Quest teachers when needed.
  • Quest teachers coordinate with deans and other members of the student support team to provide support in all facets of school life.
  • Quest teachers help every student understand his or her learning needs and become self-advocates.

Data-based Progress Reporting

  • Annual reports chart student progress on the IB Approaches to Learning, a comprehensive toolbox of skills needed to provide a solid foundation for learning independently.  
  • Quest teachers work with parents and students to set specific measurable goals, monitor progress, and revise goals throughout the year.

Intensive Academic Support and Skill Building

  • Strategic remedial instruction is built into the existing curriculum.
  • Students are able to build skills or refine their strategic approach while interacting with material they need to know. 

A Large Support Network

  • Students have access to the whole Quest team, including specialists in all curricular areas.  
  • Upper Quest teachers receive ongoing training in special education and learning differences. Training covers specific research-based teaching strategies found to be effective for students with language-based learning differences and attention deficits.
  • Lower Quest teachers all have Master’s Degrees in Special Education.

Why Choose Quest Over Private Tutoring?

At Dwight, Quest provides the individualized attention and comprehensive level of support that tutoring does not. 

At the most basic level, Quest teachers provide direct support for students in areas of academic weakness; however, Quest is much more than tutoring and offers many unique advantages. 

Quest Teachers Are

  • Connected with a student’s teachers and administrators on a daily basis
  • Well-versed in the IB curriculum 
  • Knowledgeable of Dwight-specific assignments and expectations
  • Informed, caring, expert mentors for students
  • Experts in specific fields of study at Dwight

Quest Teachers Will

  • Maintain active communication with families
  • Initiate ongoing communication with classroom teachers 
  • Know the expectations of each student’s individual program of study
  • Help students navigate specific situations that pose a challenge in school 



Josh Kigel
Director of Quest & Special Studies
(212) 724-6360

Lisa Schoenfeld
Head of Lower Quest
(212) 724-6360