Who Are Quest Students?

In any random sample of students, the educational needs will be diverse. Quest students at Dwight are no different. They present with a variety of learning styles, strengths and backgrounds in different grades. Some begin their education at Dwight, some come from special education schools and are ready for a more inclusive education, while others have come from mainstream schools where they struggled with the curriculum. Quest students are able to succeed in a mainstream school with a rigorous curriculum from Quest.

Dwight’s Quest Program is designed to help two types of students. The first are students whose learning issues were diagnosed early in their schooling. These students often come from a full special education setting and have received support throughout their school careers. The second type of student has progressed through lower and middle school without solidifying his/her basic skills set.



Joshua Kigel, Director of Quest & Special Studies


Lisa Schoenfeld, Head of Lower Quest