Summer Assignments

To find summer assignments, please select the grade level and/or courses the student will enter in the fall of 2017.


Grade 1

Grade 2

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Grade 8

Grade 9, Big History

EAL, Grades 1-12

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English Courses, Grades 9-12

DP Science Courses

Click here to view summer assignments for rising junior and senior science students.

IB Visual Arts, Grades 11 & 12

  • Click here to download summer assignments for incoming grade 11 students.
  • Click here to download summer assignments for incoming grade 12 students.

Math, Grades 6-10

We would like to set everyone up for a successful experience in math in the upcoming school year! In order to accomplish this, we want to encourage our students to work on at least one Mission in Khan Academy this summer.

Missions are personalized math experiences comprised of several tasks, in which students can learn at their own pace, master skills that are challenging and appropriate for their level, and use hints and videos to learn and review.

For instructions on how to access and take advantage of an appropriate Mission in Khan Academy, please watch this video:

This video can also be found by clicking here.