1:1 Program

Dwight School has a 1:1 Technology Program for Grades 1-12. The purpose of the 1:1 program is to enhance the learning experience for each student. This learning takes many forms, from developing research skills to designing and creating innovative solutions to real-world problems. By providing each student with his/her own device, Dwight ensures that technology is a regular component of students’ learning experiences.

iPad Program (Grades 1-4)

Each student in grades 1-4 is assigned an iPad to use in the classroom throughout the school year.

In grade 4, students also earn the privilege of taking their iPads home once they have demonstrated their readiness for that responsibility. As part of this process, students and families also agree to an iPad contract that explains their responsibilities and the iPads' purpose as a tool for learning.

MacBook Air Program (Grades 5-12)

Beginning in Grade 5, each student is assigned a MacBook Air to use throughout the school year.

In grade 5, students use the laptop extensively in their classroom and also at home when it is required by their teachers. In grade 6 and above, students take their laptops home regularly. They keep their laptops throughout their time at Dwight or until the device is in need of replacement.

We acknowledge that the regular use of a laptop in school and at home is a significant responsibility. For this reason, we require all of our students to read through the Driver’s Manual and complete the accompanying Driver’s Test prior to receiving their device and receiving student administrative rights for the laptop.

Design and Technology

As an International Baccalaureate World School, Dwight incorporates design throughout its technology curriculum. Students focus on the solving problems through the design cycle, which includes stages of inquiry and analysis, idea development, creation, and evaluation. Students apply their design skills toward practical challenges from a variety of disciplines, from architecture and engineering to robotics and programming. In the process, students learn design thinking skills and how to use a wide range of tools, ranging from pen and paper to more complex laser cutters and 3D printers.

In the Middle School and Upper School, students take Design courses from grades 6-10. These courses balance digital design (i.e., graphic design, filmmaking, web design, etc.) and product design in which students create physical products using a variety of tools, ranging from 3D printers to hand tools.

In the Diploma Program, students can elect to take the Design Technology course, which offers more advanced technical training in skills like 2D- and 3D-modeling, as well as deeper insight into the design process. In this course, students also undertake a major design project in which they work from their own initial ideas, conduct research, create prototypes, and test their products with their intended users.

In the Lower School, students have design and technology projects that are integrated into each unit of inquiry. Students learn technology skills, such as animation and coding, and apply those skills to produce a wide variety of projects that demonstrate their learning, from stop-motion animations to original inventions.

Computer Science at Dwight

Dwight students learn computer science in each year of their Technology curriculum.

In the Lower School, students learn computational thinking skills like sequencing, order, and direction. Students also use Scratch Jr and Scratch to create many types of programs that demonstrate their knowledge and creativity.

In the Middle School, students learn several types of programming. Grade 6 students learn to program by using Scratch to develop their own educational games and by programming Lego robots to perform a series of tasks in an obstacle course. Grade 7 and 8 students learn to code their own websites using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

In the Upper School, students learn to program using Arduino, an "open-source electronic prototyping platform, enabling users to create interactive electronic objects." In the Diploma Program, students can also elect to take our Computer Science course, which offers more advanced training in computer science concepts as well as practical challenges to test students’ technical skills.

In the Spotlight

Alana Zussman Puts the World at the Fingertips of Young Students with Technology Education

Dwight continues its commitment to personalized learning and innovation with the help of Alana Zussman. As a technology teacher in the Lower School, she inspires students in grades 1-5 to use digital tools to create, innovate, learn, and play. We sat down with Ms. Zussman to discuss the role technology plays in the classroom and how the use of technology cultivates innovative, globally minded students.

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