Grade 10

Tenth grade marks the culmination of the IB Middle Years Program. In this important year, students refine their Approaches to Learning skills, equipping them with the self-awareness and knowledge to take on more challenging work in eleventh and twelfth grades.

At Dwight, the defining achievement for a tenth grader is the completion of the Personal Project, an eight-month-long undertaking in which students define, research, and present a topic of their own choosing. Students may design an innovative product to address a global issue, for example, or closely examine a concept relevant to their daily life.

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Inside the Classroom

You might find our Grade 10 students:

  • Creating exhibits for the “Museum of Controversy,” as part of their Individuals & Societies (US History) course
  • Composing a score for a film of their choice in Music class
  • Participating in a class-wide science lab competition against students in other chemistry sections, enabling them to work together as a group for a common goal
  • Attending Health & Wellness Day, a school-wide initiative designed to educate students and faculty alike on healthy practices for the body, mind, and soul

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