Grade 9

Ninth grade is an exciting time in the life of a Dwight student. The beginning of high school marks increased freedom, as students have more classes available to them, as well as more options for extra-curricular clubs, programs, and sports.

Grade 9 is ripe with opportunity to make new friends: With as many students new to the Dwight community as those returning, all ninth graders are able to enjoy an even broader social dynamic with their peers. 

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Inside the Classroom

You might find our Grade 9 students:

  • Participating in a transdisciplinary study of Marjane Satrapi’s Iranian graphic novel, Persepolis, in their Literature and Individual & Societies (Asian Civilizations) courses
  • Redesigning and testing an element of daily life in New York City in their Design course
  • Attending a day of diversity workshops and joining in dialogues about race, socio-economic matters, learning differences, and LGBT issues, among other topics
  • Traveling to China for an exchange program with students in the Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School

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