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Grade 9

Ninth grade is an exciting time in the life of a Dwight student. The beginning of high school marks increased freedom, as students have more classes available to them, as well as more options for extra-curricular clubs, programs, and sports.

Grade 9 is ripe with opportunity to make new friends: With as many students new to the Dwight community as those returning, all ninth graders are able to enjoy an even broader social dynamic with their peers. 

Inside the Classroom

You might find our Grade 9 students:

  • Participating in a transdisciplinary study of Marjane Satrapi’s Iranian graphic novel, Persepolis, in their Literature and Individual & Societies (Asian Civilizations) courses
  • Redesigning and testing an element of daily life in New York City in their Design course
  • Attending a day of diversity workshops and joining in dialogues about race, socio-economic matters, learning differences, and LGBT issues, among other topics
  • Traveling to China for an exchange program with students in the Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School

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