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What is Dwight's sibling/legacy policy?

Dwight welcomes sibling and legacy families for admission. The School values connected families and appreciates their support of its mission and traditions. Because of the close connection that sibling and legacy families have with the School, these qualified sibling and legacy applicants receive very careful consideration during the admissions process.

Graduates of Dwight with children applying to our preschool and kindergarten are eligible for early notification in our preschool 2s and kindergarten classes in accordance with ISAAGNY guidelines and notification dates. Early notification dates are posted in the spring prior to the admissions season. Sibling early decision at Dwight is awarded to applicants applying to our preschool 2s and kindergarten programs. Applicants are eligible for sibling early decision if their sibling is currently enrolled at Dwight or was enrolled for a minimum of two years.

When is the application deadline?

The deadline for receiving applications for Kindergarten-grade 12 is December 1, 2019. If you are interested in submitting an application for grades 1-12 after December 1st, please reach out to the admissions office at in order to receive a bypass code. Please note, all applications submitted after December 1st will be considered in the second round of admissions. All supplemental application materials are due by January 15, 2020.

The deadline for receiving applications for preschool is January 15, 2020. International families may apply throughout the year dependent on available places.

What is the birthday cutoff for students entering preschool and kindergarten?

Preschool 2s: Students should be two years old by September 1 of their 2s program school year.

Preschool 3s: Students should be three years old by September 1 of their 3s program school year.

Pre-kindergarten (4s): Students should be four years old by September 1 of their pre-kindergarten program school year.

Kindergarten: Students should be five years old by September 1 of their kindergarten school year.

What does Dwight look for in an applicant?

Dwight School looks for students who are passionate about learning and can thrive in a rigorous academic setting. Dwight seeks to have a community of globally minded, innovative students who are interested in sharing their diverse talents and experiences. The School values the importance of both character and academic background, and seeks to foster leadership through service learning.

Does Dwight offer Financial Aid?

Dwight School has a long-standing commitment to its financial aid program, which allows students to have an independent school education regardless of the family’s financial circumstances. Dwight values enrolling a highly qualified student body with diverse talents, interests, and backgrounds. Dwight grants financial aid awards annually on the basis of financial need. All financial aid awards are made independent of admissions decisions. Recipients of financial aid must reapply each year, and all financial aid information is kept confidential. Financial aid awards are renewed each year as long as the family’s financial circumstances still show need.

Dwight School does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, gender, national, or ethnic origin, physical disability, age, or sexual orientation.

Payment Plan Options
In addition to financial aid, Dwight School offers several different payment options for families.

Financial Aid Application Procedure

  • STEP 1: Submit the Dwight School application for admissions through Ravenna by December 1, 2019. Please indicate that you intend to apply for financial aid by checking the appropriate box on the application.
  • STEP 2: All families seeking financial aid must complete a confidential parent financial statement each year. Instructions will be sent electronically to all applicants who complete STEP 1. In addition to the parent statement, families must upload all required tax documents and W2s to the online financial aid application. Dwight also accepts financial aid applications via TADS from families applying for initial admission only. The deadline for submitting the financial aid forms and supporting materials is December 5, 2019. All financial aid information is kept confidential.
  • STEP 3: Financial aid awards will be sent at the same time as acceptances. For current families, awards are distributed as part of re-enrollment. The Admissions Committee recommends students to the Financial Aid Committee once an admissions decision has been made.
  • STEP 4: In order to secure an award, a signed contract and deposit are required at the time of (re) enrollment.

What kind of support can a Dwight student expect?

Dwight has a system of multi-level mentoring across all grades. Through a very personalized approach, Dwight seeks to develop a unique “spark of genius” in every student.

I don't see my question here, how can I ask it?

Email or call the Admissions Office at or 212.724.6360 x201



(212) 724-6360 x748

Grades K-12 
(212) 724-6360 x201


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Nora Thomson
Director of Preschool Admissions

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Preschool Admissions Associate

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Riverside Campus Programs Coordinator

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Maryll Spahn
Director of Admissions
Grades K-6

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Liliana Rodriguez 
Associate Director of Admissions
Grades K-6

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Elizabeth Katz
Director of Admissions
Grades 7-12

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Elizabeth Carey
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Melissa Andolina
Assistant Director & Enrollment Manager,
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