Alumni Stories

Richard Habersham ’92 Throws His Hat in the Congressional Ring
For Restaurateur Andre Gerschel ’06, Global Vision Is Baked in
Daniil Frants' '17 Closed Captioning System, Developed in Spark Tank
Dan Maren '11 in the Spotlight as a Distinguished IB Graduate
Salwa Emerson '92 Scores a Literary Goal with "Chance Striker"
Lifelong Dwightonian Bruce Warshaw '74 Fulfills His Dream
Nick Shafir '11: Quest to Succeed
Reliving Our Spring Benefit — An Evening This Special Deserves to Be Savored!
Getting to Know Entrepreneur Cynthia Schultz-Hornig '87
Alexandra DaSilva '12 Is Back on Campus – This Time as the Teacher
Coming Home: Alumni Who Work at Dwight, Part II
Jonathan Shechtman '03: Dwight's Impact Remains Strong to This Day
Coming Home: Alumni Who Work at Dwight, Part I
Abhishek Bhattacharjee '01: Building Brain-Machine Interfaces to Advance Our Understanding of the Brain
It's All in the Family: Jaleene Rodriguez '04, Restaurateur
Smoke x Mirrors Eyewear Collection: David Shabtai '09, Fashion Designer
Dwight Global Leader Scott Rosenberg '85 Dedicates His Life to Service in Lesotho
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Serge Kovaleski '79 Asks the Tough Questions
Forbes 30 Under 30 Alum Dan Maren, '11, Discusses Community Service at Dwight
Elinor Tatum '89, Publisher of The Amsterdam News Shares her Spark
Mayor of Santa Barbara: Helene Schneider '88
Alumni Spark Q&A: Aubrey Hodges '99, Entrepreneur
Dwight and Basketball: A Triumphant Story Makes News Headlines Pee Wee Kirkland '14
Dwight Alum James Warren '91 Launches
Congratulations to Alumnus Teo Rapp-Olsson '10 on His Off-Broadway Debut
Dwight Alumnus Greg Gorra '01 Launches Successful Online Retail Community
Dwight Alumnus Christopher Berry '07 His Dress Shirt Company at Our Athletic Center
Spark of Alumni Duo Tyson Toussant '95 and Tim Coombs '96 Shines Brightly During Fashion Week
Andrew Abrahamsen '14 Featured in the IB Global News Spotlight!
Dwight Alumnus Jacob Hadjigeorgis '02 Starts Non-Profit Environmental Organization
Winner of the 2012 University of Vermont Distinguished Service Award: Paula Oppenheim Cope '71
From Anglo-American to the U.S. Senate: Paul Strauss '82, Senator
Jacob Knows His Pickles: Jacob Hadjigeorgis '02, Restaurateur
Colleen Barry '99 Featured in Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine
An All-Star Leader: David Brown '97, Basketball Coach
A Writing Chameleon Publishes...Again!: Alix Strauss '87, Author
From Crises to Thrillers: Dr. Steve Pieczenik '60, Acclaimed Author
Living Large Through A Lens: Miles Ladin '86, Photographer
Evolving as an Artist: Matthew Daub '69
A Whirlwind Life in Media: Mac Clark '98, Director
Inside the NFL with Jaime Weston '89, Director of Brand and Creative Designs
It's In the Family: Violetta Bitici '88, Restaurateur
George Schweitzer, Franklin '68, On Trends In Television
La Bella Vita: Arthur Zinn '81, Owner of Restored Italian Resort
From Super Bowl to Superstar: Michael Fiur '77, Producer
Changing the Law, One Tort at a Time: Victor Schwartz '58
From Bloomies to Barbies: Spotlight on Richard Dickson '86
An Ambassador for Peace: Richard C. Goodwin '46
All That Jazz....and More!: Pamela Luss '88