College Counseling


Bowdoin, Cornell, Dartmouth, UCLA, McGill, NYU, University of Pennsylvania, University of St. Andrews, Vanderbilt, University of Virginia, and Wesleyan are among Dwight’s college matriculations. Click here for the list of matriculations from 2017-21.

Dwight's IB Diploma candidates have a distinct advantage in the admissions process, as the IB is recognized as one of the world's most rigorous courses of study.

The college counseling office works individually with students throughout high school in preparation for the college process. College counselors help students identify best-fit colleges based on each student’s academic profile, personal interests, and aspirations.

Programming for students and parents occurs throughout the year in recognition that not all families have a current understanding of the selective college admissions landscape. The college counseling office has expertise in university admissions in many parts of the world, including the US, Canada, the UK, continental Europe, and Asia.

The college counseling team consists of four counselors who work collaboratively and dynamically in support of each student.

A Four-year Path to Success

We provide extensive information, guidance, and support starting in Grade 9 and continuing through all four years of upper school and beyond.


College Counseling Leadership

Shellee Hendricks, Global Director of College Counseling 

212.724.6360 x212