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What We Do

The Parents Association plays a vital role in Dwight School's community-building efforts and educational objectives. It is the School's and PA's joint mission to build a responsible, global-minded community and ignite the "spark of genius" in every child. We look forward to all parents in every grade volunteering their time and participating in PA events.

Get Involved: Volunteer Sign-up

The PA has exciting events planned for this school year and we are looking for volunteers to help us throughout the year. You can sign up to volunteer by visiting the PA Portal on MyDwight.

PA Events
  • Spirit Day, Saturday, October 15
  • Halloween Parties, Monday, October 31
  • Book Fair, Thursday & Friday, December 1-2
  • International Food and Wine Festival, Thursday, January 26
  • Winter Uniform Sale, Friday, February 3
  • Ice Skating Party, Friday, February 10
  • National Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week, Monday- Friday, May 1-5

Class Representatives

The overall goal of a Class Representative is to create a sense of goodwill within his/her class. Specific responsibilities include:
  • Welcoming new families to the class
  • Serving as a source of accurate information and helping to resolve conflicts in a constructive manner
  • Encouraging parent attendance at PA and School events
  • Helping to organize class dinners and receptions
  • Encouraging and facilitating parent volunteerism at Dwight
Class Representatives serve as a spokeperson for their class and are thus a crucial link between the PA and the parent body. The Class Representative Guidelines and Responsibilities Document outlines specific ways to achieve their goals and responsibilities.

PA Event Photo Gallery

International Food & Wine Festival

Book Fair

Spirit Day

Ice Skating Under the Stars

Safety Patrol Program

The PA organizes and oversees an after-school Parent Safety Patrol to help increase street safety for students as they make their way home from school each day. Parents patrol the neighborhood in pairs for an hour and a half each day to deter troublemakers and, if necessary, seek police assistance.

Safety Patrol participation is mandatory for every Dwight family. Please refer to the Safety Patrol Calendar in the PA Portal in MyDwight or in the Monday Mailer. Also see below for the Safety Patrol guidelines, instructions, and patrol route map.

If you have any questions, please contact the Safety Patrol Coordinator, Maria Mo, or one of your Class Representatives for assistance.

Safety Patrol Downloads

Safety Patrol Instructions

Safety Patrol Route Map

Upper West Side School Patrol Map

Who We Are

The PA is comprised of the parents or legal guardians of each Dwight student. Volunteers serve as Officers of the Executive Board and Board, Class Representatives, and the chairs and members of various PA committees.

Executive Board

  • President: Meridith Hill
  • Vice President (Timothy House): Lola Garcia
  • Vice President (Bentley House): Kylie Brauer
  • Vice President (Franklin-Anglo House): Rory Teitelbaum
  • Event Coordinator: Fiona Paltridge
  • Co-event Coordinator: Kelly Frankeny
  • Secretary: Martha Seiver
  • Treasurer: Aileen Bruner
  • Communications Coordinator: Judy Cohen

ECD Executive Board
Coming soon!

Officers and Committee Chairs

  • Ambassador Committee Chair: Tavy Ronen
  • Ambassador Committee, Timothy House: Meridith Hill
  • Ambassador Committee, Bentley House: Jessica Lindsey
  • Ambassador Committee, Franklin/Anglo House: Lorena Matus
  • Bentley House Halloween Party Chair: Kylie Brauer
  • Book Fair Chairs: Lisa Nacino, Susan Korchak, Jackie Demarest, Adriana Moura, Erika Levine Pintoff
  • International Food Festival Chairs: Jessica Dennis-Capiraso, Katie Gallagher, Sandra Alves, Stefani Langel
  • National Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week Co-Chairs: Patricia Teles, TBA
  • PIA Chair: Hayley Foster
  • Safety Patrol Coordinator: Marria Zhang
  • Skating Party Chair: Rich Forman
  • Spirit Day Chairs: Carolina Villamizar, Susan Buchbinder
  • Sports Events: Rich Forman
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive Chair: Bernie Mastrangel, Aileen Bruner
  • Uniform Sale Chair: Valerie Tornambe
  • Valentine's Day Treats Chair: Erika Levine Pintoff

ECD Committee Chairs

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2016-17 Class Representatives

  • Grade 1: Mindy Everett and Kelly Lee (1A), Kathleen Katz and Clare Cheng (1B), Monique Dana and Sawako Shukla (1C)
  • Grade 2: Melissa Daly and Vicky Edgecombe (2A), Angela Breckenridge and Kim Kelleher (2B)
  • Grade 3: Tiki Barnes and Emily Yu (3A), Diane Fakhouri and Nuala Riddell (3B)
  • Grade 4: Erika Levine Pintoff and Alice Zarari (4A), Katie Gallagher and Cecilia Rebolledo (4B)
  • Grade 5: Kristina Saniman and Carolina Villamizar (5A), Adriana Moura and Maria Thorbjornsen (5B)
  • Grade 6: Louise Tonkin, Amy Egger
  • Grade 7: Judy Clare, Jessica Dennis-Capiraso
  • Grade 8: Anne-Charlotte Le Bourhis, Lorena Matus
  • Grade 9: Karin Swain, Leslie Wagner
  • Grade 10: Sylvie Vaccari, Amy Kanter
  • Grade 11: Jessica Lindsey, Annette Pizzo
  • Grade 12: Sandra Alves, Nola Bonis

2015-16 ECD Class Representatives

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