Accredited Online School

Dwight Global is the online program of Dwight School, which is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) and the Council of International School (CIS), two accrediting organizations recognized in the United States and beyond. We are also proud to be further accredited by the Athlete-Friendly Education Center Accredited by the World Academy of Sport. 
Families look for an accredited online school as a symbol of educational quality. Through Dwight’s accreditation with MSA, CIS, and AFEC, along with our rich history as an educational leader and innovator, families can be assured of Dwight Global’s drive towards excellence and mission-driven success. Our accreditation serves as an affirmation to the public of our commitment to continuous improvement, and is a symbol of our trustworthiness and integrity in our ongoing quest to ignite the spark of genius in every student.  

accredited online high school

Why Accreditation is Important
Accreditation is, essentially, a quality assurance process for schools. Schools that are accredited are confirmed to have met the standards and requirements defined by that particular accrediting organization. MSA and CIA are key accrediting organizations, which routinely monitor schools -- including Dwight and Dwight Global -- to ensure we’re meeting the needs of our students while providing rigorous, qualified online instruction. 

Through our accreditation with MSA and CIS, we affirm that we use the Dwight Global Online School’s mission (igniting the spark of genius in every child) as the basis for our daily decision-making, that we’re operating ethically and in both our students’ and the public’s interest, that we accept responsibility for the level of performance of our students, and that we remain committed to continually improving student learning. 

Because Dwight Global is an accredited online school, families can be certain that their children’s course credits and grade-level placements will be recognized at schools and universities around the world, and that a diploma from Dwight Global is valid and recognized. 

How Does a School Become Accredited? 
While each accrediting body differs slightly, Dwight Global’s accreditation process is a thorough review of our academics and administration. It is both an improvement process and an accountability system. The process includes a comprehensive self-study and evaluation, followed by a rigorous peer review process, a site visit, and more. The entire accreditation process can take between 2-5 years, and is considered to be an ongoing process -- not just a status.

Families exploring online schooling options should understand that, as an accredited online school, Dwight Global Online School is a premier private, online school experience, and we meet the highest standards of excellence. 

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