Dwight Global Online School builds on 150 years of Dwight's academic excellence infused with 30 years of online innovation by our leadership team to lay the foundation for bringing the Dwight approach to the world for the next 150 years. Dwight Global is the first online independent school created by independent school educators.

About Dwight School

Dwight's legacy of innovation and personalized learning dates back to 1872. From the very beginning, Dwight was designed to prepare graduates for admission to prestigious universities; our school’s namesake is Yale’s twelfth President, Timothy Dwight V (also known as Timothy Dwight, the Younger).

For a century and a half, Dwight's visionary leaders have transformed the educational landscape, while Dwight's illustrious alumni have left their mark on our world.


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Seven Dwight Firsts

Long recognized around the world as a pioneer in global education, Dwight was:

  1. The first school in the Americas to offer the comprehensive IB curriculum from preschool to graduation
  2. The first school in New York City to offer the IB Primary Years Program
  3. The first school in the U.S. to establish an international campus in 1972 in London
  4. The first school to create a joint diploma program in China with the Beijing’s Capital Normal High School in 2009
  5. The only school selected by the Seoul Municipal Government to open a model IB World School in Seoul
  6. One of six schools selected from over 3,700 worldwide to pilot online education for the IB in 2013
  7. One-of-a-kind in China: in 2014, Dwight opened the Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School, the first non-profit, independent, Chinese-foreign collaborative high school