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online school mission and philosophy
our mission and philosophy

our mission

Dwight is dedicated to igniting the spark of genius in every child. Kindling their interests, we develop inquisitive, knowledgeable, self-aware, and ethical citizens who will build a better world. Dwight Global School is the realization of the core Dwight School mission in the fabric of the 21st Century. In the same way that Dwight School has served students in New York City for the last 150 years, Dwight Global Online School will use emerging technologies to extend the reach of Dwight worldwide.

our vision

To foster the next generation of global leaders who can thrive anywhere in the world.


personalized online learning program

our three pillars

global mindedness

Our students understand that education transcends geographical boundaries ― that whether students attend one of our physical Dwight Schools or attend the Dwight Global Online School, their learning experiences are designed to help them become citizens of not only of their cities, but also, indeed, the world.

Dwight values the importance of language acquisition while still honoring the students’ development of their mother tongues. By reducing barriers created by language and broadening our understanding of cultures inherent in the languages our students study, our community members can better participate in a more global dialogue. At Dwight, the study of language is designed to be one of inclusiveness.

As we are a network of global schools, both brick and mortar and in the cloud, our students and teachers have countless opportunities to collaborate on curricular experiences and service opportunities, and to participate in exchange programs with our other campuses. To be exposed to the cultures and insights of others ― and to have the opportunity to share one’s own culture ― should not be undervalued. Our students understand that it is possible for experiences to be shared with, as well as be unique to, our international counterparts. We strongly advocate the mission of, “encouraging students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.” It is through the refinement of empathy and international understanding that our students will further develop a more global perspective.


diversity at dwight global

Dwight values an inclusive and diverse community. Our rich and long-standing New York presence, combined with an international focus, has allowed us to develop our community and celebrate diversity in all its forms. We understand that our School’s community is enriched by its members’ varying backgrounds, including those of age, cultural tradition, ethnicity, gender, nationality, physical ability, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic position.

We seek to enroll families who will work in partnership with the School to embrace the challenging ― yet rewarding ― situations borne from diversity; furthermore, we will support and advocate for our community, recognizing that different perspectives are valued. We recognize that our community includes our families, faculty, staff, and alumni ― all of whom contribute to the tapestry of Dwight.

As a school that combines online and residential education, Dwight Global is committed to a strong sense of global understanding. We recognize that diversity as a concept continues to evolve, and that we ― as a community ― will evolve with it. Our dedication to this effort shall be ongoing.