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A Day in the Life at an Accredited Online School

January 28, 2022

Virtual education has come into its own, with improved technology and respected academic program offerings at the best online schools. A top-ranked, accredited online school provides both a high-quality education and the flexible scheduling many families desire.

An online education means students can simultaneously pursue their studies and their extracurricular passions, without sacrificing motivation or momentum in either area. It also means families can travel together–for work, vacation, and personal pursuits.

What does a typical day look like?

What does a typical day look like at an accredited online school like Dwight Global Online School?

Ask Dwight Global students themselves, and they will tell you there is variety in their days, and also a set routine.

They say their online school is the same as brick and mortar school in many respects, including a strong sense of community; meaningful relationships with classmates; rich classroom discussions; experienced and available faculty; and an educational program that challenges and engages them.

They say their workload is the same as a brick and mortar school of the same caliber, but that their online school provides them the freedom to manage their academics, travel, and competition or performance schedules.

Finally, students stress the fact that teachers are especially supportive and encouraging of their outside interests, and want them to succeed in both the academic and personal realms.  

Accommodating Time Zones and Training Times

At Dwight Global, live classes are offered throughout the day, from early mornings to late evenings, and asynchronous classes are also available. This gives flexibility to select classes based on world time zones, family travel, and training, competing, or performing schedules. 

Each student meshes their class schedule and their personal schedule to establish a school routine. In the process, students say they create effective study habits, a well-honed sense of responsibility, and excellent time management skills.

How does this work in practice? 
How does a typical day unfold for a student at an online school?

Here is one example:  A Dwight Global student tennis player looks forward to his frequent international tournament travel. He stays at each competition as long as he continues winning. This is a very good thing for his athletic career, but in some cases, tennis wins also mean a few extra days away from school.

In his previous brick and mortar school, combining the two wasn’t workable. The school day wasn’t set up for him to succeed at both academics and tennis, and there was little flexibility.

Now thriving at Dwight Global, this student’s supportive teachers work with him so he can pursue his tennis passion and his academic passions. He enrolls in classes in his own time zone, and studies when he has finished training, or beforehand, or in between. And when traveling internationally, his options include logging on for live classes while on the road, working asynchronously, and making up missed work prior to the trip or after the tournament ends.

As a result, this student is able to pursue tennis at a high level and also work diligently on high-level schoolwork. He achieves academic success as well as tennis success, and finds satisfaction at being able to do both well. The move to online school has allowed his continued focus on both tennis and academic performance, and his hard work has paid off.  This student will attend a highly selective university in the fall, and play Division 1 tennis there.

Virtual education allows the resources and the freedom and flexibility for students to manage their school day so they never have to choose between making time for school and making time for their outside passions.

Dwight Global Online School strives to ensure students receive a quality education, regardless of their location. Learn more about Dwight Global’s flexible, challenging, and engaging online programs here.