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Deciding Between Homeschooling and Online School?

August 10, 2021

Traditional homeschooling — when parents create and control the curriculum and pace as a child learns at home —  has long included a wide variety of methods and philosophies, along with a wide range of flexibility and support. 

Today, there are more options than ever for every family seeking to pair their educational goals to a homeschool style. As students in grades 7-12 advance from grade to grade, homeschooling families often need additional support academically.  Today, many homeschooling families are exploring options within established, accredited, and respected online middle and high schools like Dwight Global Online School.

With a spotlight on virtual learning over the past year, it has become clear to many homeschooling families that there is wisdom in looking anew at ways to piece together their children’s education with a mix of online classes, community resources, and other supportive solutions for foundational learning and enrichment. 

Increasingly, homeschooling families are seeking an online school that offers enrollment options, in-person opportunities for students, strong community, and a global view — all unique features of Dwight Global, which is part of the Dwight School global network of schools.

Recently ranked #2 Online High School in America by Newsweek, Dwight Global Online School offers the flexibility families need and want with the support and resources difficult to deliver exclusively from home. 

Dwight Global also offers the rare part-time enrollment option for families wanting middle and high school level core and elective classes to anchor their homeschooling plan.  

Dwight Global Online School appeals to homeschooling families who want to retain control of their student’s schedule and, at the same time, create a supportive framework that takes some of the guesswork out of yearly curriculum planning and execution. 

Importantly, Dwight Global provides fully enrolled students with experienced college counseling, and its graduates with the Dwight Global Diploma. 

A fully articulated U.S. high school diploma that meets the same exacting standards of Dwight School, the Dwight Global Diploma allows students to align their academic paths with the International Baccalaureate, the Advanced Placement, or their own individualized Dwight Global course of study. Being able to choose across standards takes personalized learning to the next level.

How can homeschooling families make sure their online school is the best? 

Read on for tips on how to find the best online homeschool program.

Evaluate the Environment
Online learning fosters independent study, while simultaneously providing professional guidance for each student.  To ensure a quality education, look for an online program that is supportive and tailored to the individual student.

Within an online program, it is important to consider the following:

  • Are the classes being offered in virtual seminars where students participate as a group and gain skills in communication and collaboration? 
  • Are teachers supportive and attentive to the unique needs of each student? 
  • Are a wide variety of after-school activities offered to students?

Research Reputation and Accreditation
In addition to an attentive and experienced staff, families should consider the reputation of a potential online homeschool program. The best possible education comes from an accredited online school, like Dwight Global, that meets high education standards.

Dwight Global’s rich legacy of learning dates back to 1872 – long before virtual learning was an option. Since then, the New York-based school has prepared students for admission to prestigious universities. The school’s founding father and namesake, Timothy Dwight V, was a former president of Yale University.

Consider the Curriculum
Another element to consider are the courses and overall curriculum offered. Look for a challenging program that will benefit your child and support a well-rounded education. 

A rigorous International Baccalaureate and college preparatory curriculum, like the one offered at Dwight Global, for example, fosters an expansive view of the world, allowing students the chance to discover their passions.

One of the many benefits of online learning is that students often enjoy a more personalized experience. Students should receive a customized learning plan with classes that pique their interests. Does your student love science? Look for a school with a solid science program. Do you have a history buff? Take note of the number – and variety – of courses offered.

In addition to the courses offered, consider the pedagogical style. 

  • Are online seminars available with rich interaction between teachers and classmates, or is the program more of a self-study program?   
  • Do students and teachers have solid relationships that nurture learning in the classroom and in one-on-one tutorials? 
  • Are there numerous opportunities for students to meet in person at an affiliated brick and mortar school? 
  • Can students join trips and extracurriculars to supplement their classroom learning?

The best online high school programs for your family will meet your child’s needs. 

Talk with School Personnel 
After considering an online program’s environment, reputation, and curriculum, reach out to that school to get even more information and to speak with the staff.

Contact administrators here for more information about Dwight Global’s quality online education and enrollment options.