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Five Reasons Why Online School is Better

January 7, 2022

The ongoing pandemic continues to impact education, solidifying online learning worldwide.  Families considering this option want to know that online schooling is going to deliver results. 

Students learning remotely – even before the pandemic began – already know the many benefits that make online schools a positive choice.

Below are five reasons why online schools are better for an increasing number of students.

Customized Learning

In traditional, brick-and-mortar schools, students are often faced with the challenge of learning at the same pace – and with the same techniques – as the rest of the class. But not everyone learns the same way. With online school, students have the flexibility to take extra time with certain subjects that may be more challenging for them, and move on faster with others as desired. 

With an online program like Dwight Global Online School, students can also get extra support from their teachers. They can enjoy learning in a personalized program that nurtures their unique learning abilities.

Flexible Schedule

An online school offers more flexibility than in-person learning. Traditional school hours in a physical institution are not ideal for families who travel often, or for students pursuing pre-professional athletics or performing arts. An online program offers more flexibility for students, and, in turn, helps students improve time management skills.

Dwight Global Online School, ranked #2 online high school by Newsweek, enrolls students in classes that take place from early morning to late evening. This way, students all over the world are able to learn when their particular time zone allows.

Direct Communication with Teachers

Student-teacher ratios are often lower at online schools. Parents who worry their child will have limited interaction with teachers often find that there are, in fact, more opportunities to connect with educators.

With an online program, teachers interact with students during live classroom experiences, as well as one-on-one in tutorials or extra help sessions. Additionally, students and teachers communicate via email and instant message programs. 

One benefit often overlooked: instead of a physical classroom where small table groupings place students in view mainly of those at their table, with their backs to other classmates, in online classes every face is visible in gallery mode on the screen, face front. 

In online classes, every student sees every other student’s face, raised hands, and comments, in every class. Small break out sessions provide even more connections for deeper learning and small group discussion. 

A Safe, Comfortable Environment

Much like the comfort of speaking with a teacher directly from home office spaces, students of online schools enjoy the comfort that comes with studying at home. They may sit at a desk in their bedroom, the family office, or just their favorite bean bag chair while working on assignments and taking tests. 

With online classes, students have fewer social distractions — a learning advantage when in middle school or high school. Instead of focusing on their appearance or friends sitting just inches away, students focus on the work in front of them. 

During times of a pandemic or flu season, there is also a considerable health-safety factor. Parents need not worry about their child getting sick when they are studying in their own home, socially distanced from others.

Tailor-Made Curriculum

Since online schools often have a wider selection of courses, students are free to explore the areas that interest them most. Students can find their passions and delve deeply into school subjects they love to study, a specialty at Dwight Global, which has long emphasized each student’s passion for finding their “Spark of Genius.” This passion is crucial for fostering an enthusiasm for education and also for preparing students for their college careers.

As the world continues to change, Dwight Global Online School strives to ensure students receive a quality education, regardless of their location. Learn more about Dwight Global’s safe, challenging, and engaging online programs here.