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How Does a Private Online High School Promote Diversity

June 14, 2023

By their very nature, schools expose students each day to a wide variety of people unlike themselves. 

From nursery school to college, students interact with school community members who come from different backgrounds and have different perspectives, which helps students to develop the skills necessary to become adults in an interdependent world.

Students at Dwight Global Online School have this advantage even more than students who attend tradi

promoting diversity and inclusion at private online high school

tional schools. As part of the Dwight Schools Global Network, which has physical campuses all over the world, Dwight Global Online School brings together students from 34 different countries worldwide, across continents and time zones. Different home languages, cultures, ethnicities, and races are celebrated every day in grade 6-12 academic classes, clubs, all-school meetings, and school events.

Mission Grounded in the IB Learner Profile Attributes

It isn’t simply the multinational aspect of Dwight Global private online high school that makes it special. As International Baccalaureate World Schools, Dwight Schools are grounded in the principles of the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile, a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities that go beyond academic success.

Learner Profile attributes encourage students and all school community members to think critically, be open minded and caring, balanced and reflective, knowledgeable, and excel at communication. As such, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of Dwight Global’s school culture and mission. The school's philosophy prioritizes a sense of respect and belonging among all students and the entire school community. 

The Learner Profile is a part of students' ethos and daily life at Dwight Global, and supports a sense of community working toward a common goal. Dwight Global is committed to developing internationally minded people who recognize their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, and help to create a better and more peaceful world. 

Dwight Global fosters a culture with deep appreciation and respect for all, empathy, an understanding of differing identities and experiences, and the ability to engage and listen across differences.

Benefits Of Diversity In Education

The benefits of diversity in education are many. Increased perspectives help students learn to solve complex problems. They deepen understanding and empathy, bringing increased creativity and collaboration to any project or task.

“At Dwight Global we promote diversity and inclusion through faculty and student-led discussions. These give the school community an opportunity to share good practice and methods to make everyone feel respected,” said Dr. Anthea Lake, Dwight Global’s Dean of Student Life and DEI Coordinator. 

“Throughout the year we encourage participation in awareness months such as Black History month, Asian and Pacific islander month, and Pride month, through daily activities and emails alongside whole school assemblies presented by students and faculty members. Additionally, students and faculty participated in an anonymous DEI survey, and the results from these will be used to further build good practice and set up a DEI taskforce,” said Dr. Lake.

Through intercultural understanding, Dwight Global nurtures active members of just societies who bring meaningful change to the world through creativity, courage, and integrity.  Dwight is committed to fostering a strong sense of understanding among those with differing backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. School leadership and faculty recognize that diversity as a concept continues to evolve, and that the school community will evolve with it. 

In addition to the IB Learner Profile foundation, Dwight Global’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is also grounded in the Dwight Schools three pillars: personalized learning, community, and global vision. Dwight Global seeks to develop and honor the cognitive, cultural, and ethical capacities and experiences that shape the unique identities of all members ― always striving to cultivate mutual understanding, respect, and kindness.

Student Life Fosters Belonging and Collaboration

Dwight Global’s thriving array of Student Life activities and events is another expression of the school’s culture of belonging. House team activities, in-person experiences at Dwight physical campuses, performances, clubs and extracurriculars, and advisory meetings all help students from different backgrounds, ages, and cultures meet and work and play together.

“Our students come from all over the world, but what they have in common is that they all want to learn while feeling a part of something bigger than themselves,” said Dr. Lake. “We may live in different time zones and countries but we come together as one.”

Learn more about how your student can be a part of the diverse community that Dwight Global Private Online High Schools offer.