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How Online High School Classes Benefit College Applicants

November 30, 2021

Online schools, especially those that are accredited, offer exciting options for high school students. 

Having the flexibility to learn and study from home opens up hours in the day to pursue outside interests, spend more time with family, travel, and delve more deeply into academics. 

Despite the many benefits, families considering online high school often still wonder about college acceptances for online high school graduates. 

How will an online high school education be viewed by colleges and universities when the time comes for their seniors to submit applications? 

What Colleges Want in College Applicants

Of course, not every online high school is the same. 

When encountering an application from an online high school student, admissions officers will check to see if the online high school is accredited

Accreditation is a rigorous, lengthy, outside review that ensures particular schools meet high standards of pedagogy, environment, and faculty expertise. 

Additionally, colleges consider a student’s transcript and review for criteria they want to see in all students — those coming from online schools and those coming from brick and mortar schools — including: 

  • Top grades
  • Rigorous classes 
  • Consistency of academic subjects taken over three to four years
  • Commitment to extracurricular activities
  • Strong recommendations

How, then, do colleges and universities assess students graduating from online high schools compared to traditional brick-and-mortar schools? 

Successful Online Students Have Special Skills 

Admissions officers recognize that students who thrive in a virtual learning environment will also thrive in college, because many of those colleges and universities have turned to online learning themselves during the pandemic. 

The student who excels in online classes typically:

  • Self-initiates
  • Communicates effectively
  • Works well independently
  • Understands good time management
  • Self-advocates
  • Is willing to take advantage of resources and faculty availability 
  • Is organized and prepared 

Students who excel at online learning will stand out in the college admissions process. Indeed, students coming from Dwight Global Online School, a private high school ranked the #2 online high school in the United States by Newsweek, have secured acceptances to a number of top colleges and universities. 

Dwight Global, which also offers an accredited online middle school, provides students a customized program that allows students to pursue academic passions through a rigorous curriculum.

That personalized program also means students are more likely to discover their spark or passion, and gain a zest for learning in the areas that interest them most. Additionally, students may use the flexibility offered by an online program like Dwight Global to pursue extracurricular passions which may guide and enhance college choices. 

“College admissions officers consistently emphasize the importance of inquiry in a student’s day-to-day life,” said Megan Miller, senior associate director of college counseling at Dwight Global.

“Dwight Global students demonstrate a rare initiative in terms of guiding their own education and identifying, exploring and guiding their passions. Their depth of inquiry often sets them apart within the applicant pool,” she said.

A Path to College Begins in 9th Grade

Finally, established online high schools have been preparing and connecting with their counterparts at universities for years – making them acutely aware of the benefits their programs offer. 

At Dwight Global, college counselors begin working with students and families in Grade 9 to provide information and guidance and ultimately help identify colleges that best fit the student based on academic skills, personal interests, and future goals.  

At Dwight Global, students have the opportunity to:

  • Explore career and academic passions to guide college choices
  • Develop individualized academic plans, to tailor their learning experience
  • Practice standardized tests and receive updated information on guidance on the uses for standardized testing
  • Plan and search for colleges that align with their passion areas and goals
  • Create college visit itineraries, and plan for each visit/meeting
  • Work closely with an expert counselor
  • Access a team of counselors with a wide breadth and depth of knowledge about colleges and universities around the world

For more information on how an online high school can benefit students during the college admissions process, contact Dwight Global today.