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How Online School Can Benefit Student Athletes

August 18, 2022

Students who have a strong desire to pursue sports at the elite or pre-professional level require a great deal of time outside of school to train, compete, and travel. The dedication required to achieve in sports at such a high level comes at precisely the time in a student’s life when they also need to devote themselves to mastering challenging academic subjects in order to complete their high school diploma and apply to college and university. 

If you have a middle or high school student who is a serious competitor and passionate about a particular sport, consider online school for your athlete.

Pursuing rigorous academics and competitive sports has long presented a challenge for dedicated student athletes because of conflicting schedules. Before quality online schools existed, finding a way for strong students to pursue their dreams of improving in sports meant sacrificing class time or training time, particularly during open-ended competitions and tournaments. These scheduling conflicts increase stress for students, faculty, coaches, and parents.

Enter online high school for athletes. Online schools are a creative solution made real by the global pandemic. The select few established, accredited online schools that existed before the pandemic — schools like Dwight Global Online School – are in the forefront of offering quality online education. Student athletes who have made the transition from brick and mortar schools to online schools are reaping the many benefits of a customized school schedule and succeeding at academics and in their chosen sport.

Dwight Global student Jaiden Lynch, a competitive diver, is one such student.

“My favorite part of Dwight Global is the flexibility. I have a tight schedule, especially during competitions, and the Dwight Global faculty are understanding when I need more time for homework, or if I have to miss a class. During Covid, I had to temporarily move to Southern California, and it worked out really well. I was able to dive more that year, and I did better than ever at competitions while getting a full prep school experience,” said Jaiden.

“Teachers at Dwight Global push you to reach your full potential,” said Jaiden. “I feel a strong sense of community, too.  Dwight Global offers in-person events at Dwight School campuses, and every student is a part of a house. At Dwight Global, I have all the benefits of an in-person prep school from anywhere in the world.”

Many sports require students to be in remote locations, such as alpine skiers who must train on mountains where quality schools are scarce. Competitive athletes also need to travel to tournaments or competitions around the world. Online school provides the student with the ability to keep up with school attendance by logging on wherever they happen to be while on the road, even while training and competing.

The combination of convenience, increased flexibility, and more time for both school and sports lessens student stress and leads to success in both school and sports.  

An added payoff to this dual success is acceptance to a college or university of a student’s choice, and the possibility to play competitive sports at the secondary level.

Dwight Global’s excellence in online schooling is recognized internationally by colleges and universities, and high school seniors have been admitted to the best schools in the United States and around the world. Dwight Global offers both the highly respected and internationally recognized International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement courses. Dwight Global’s experienced college counseling team begins working with students in the 9th grade, to ensure a student chooses the best pathway and meets all requirements when the time comes to apply to college.

Dwight Global understands the needs of student athletes. The school’s instructional flexibility, blend of live classes and asynchronous lessons, one-on-one faculty support, and college guidance provides everything a student athlete needs to succeed in both school and in sports. Contact Dwight Global today to learn more.