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How Personalized Online Learning Fuels Student Engagement

July 29, 2022

When it comes to learning, no two students are alike. Every student learns at their own pace and thrives under different learning environments. Some students are primarily visual learners, while others need time to discuss deeply, and still others prefer to explore a subject on their own.

If you are looking for a tailor-made program for your young learner, you will be happy to find there are quality personalized online learning programs available.

What is Personalized Online Learning?

More families today are opting to pursue a personalized online education that offers flexibility while also providing a solid educational foundation. Middle and high school students who choose a quality online school like the highly rankedaccredited Dwight Global Online School learn essential life skills, succeed at rigorous academics, and are able to passionately pursue outside athletic or artistic passions. These passions frequently require travel for competitions or performances. Online learning allows time for both academics and outside pursuits, as well as time for students to travel for family vacation or business trips.

personalized online learning program

Customized, flexible, and personalized online learning programs are also an ideal solution for families living in remote locations and for students who for one reason or another have not thrived in a traditional educational setting.

Benefits of Personalized Online Learning

Personalized learning also helps boost student engagement.  Students are very quickly able to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses, and educators are experienced in meeting individual student needs and maximizing student online learning strengths. Students learn time management and become more confident as they learn to self-advocate and develop their own voices.

Thanks to technology and platforms and tools designed for online educators, students enrolled in online schools can take advantage of more custom-designed options within their educational programs. If a student learns best in group discussions, for example, then their virtual classroom discussions will be one exciting highlight of their day. If a student athlete wants to spend each morning training, then a class offered in the late afternoon or evening is an ideal solution.

At Dwight Global, personalized learning includes a variety of well respected and recognized academic pathways, including Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses. Dedicated faculty offer engaging classes and one-on-one support for accelerated students as well as students who need extra guidance.

Students at Dwight Global also feel encouraged and connected within a strong community through homeroom, advisory sessions, extracurriculars and clubs. Uniquely, at Dwight Global, students can also participate in in-person opportunities at Dwight NY, the flagship school of the Dwight Global Schools Network, or other Dwight campuses all over the world. The best online schools inspire students to find their interests and support students to pursue their dreams.

At Dwight Global, students are encouraged to learn at their own pace and find what best suits them. With more options and education methods, students enjoy learning and achieve their goals. Dwight Global students also receive college counseling beginning in ninth grade, setting them up for success after graduation.

The benefits of pursuing a personalized online learning program are many and varied, beginning in the formative years of adolescence and lasting through college and into a student’s professional career.

Visit Dwight Global Online School for more information on the school’s academic curriculum and how an online education can maximize your child’s education in grades 6-12.