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How to Apply to an International Online High School

September 20, 2023

Applying to an international online high school, especially a highly ranked and respected one like Dwight Global Online School,  is a smart step towards a bright future. More families are turning to online schools for the flexibility, safety, and quality of learning available. 

international online high schools

Know Before You Go

Before taking on the admissions process of an international online high school, consider – and research – the following:

  • Does this school’s values align with my own?

  • What language is spoken?

  • Is this an accredited program?

  • What are the admission requirements?

  • What are the application deadlines?

  • Can I get financial assistance, if needed?

Because the application process can be time-consuming, it is important to research the schools that you feel will be the right fit for your family and learn about each one before applying.  Taking the time to find the right online high school before beginning the admissions process will also help you personalize your applications and most effectively communicate why you want to attend that school.

Many online high school programs offer an admission FAQ page that can answer many of these questions.  

Once you have found schools which may be a good fit, you can begin to tackle the application journey. Below are the steps that you will need to take in order to apply to an accredited international online high school like Dwight Global.

  1. Schedule a Consultation

The best start to any international online high school application process is to meet with the admissions counselor. Depending on the school, you may be able to schedule a virtual call or attend a virtual open house. This is a great way to get a feel for the culture of the school, its academic offerings, student life, and sense of community.  

  1. Fill out an Application

If a consultation or virtual open house goes well, you will want to move on to filling out the application form. Gone are the days of filling out a physical form and sending it through snail mail. At Dwight Global, prospective students can easily apply online using the web-based service Ravenna. This online application tool allows applicants to apply quickly and track the status of their application as they await the admissions decision.

  1. Submit Your Supporting Materials

The next step in applying to an international online high school is to submit your required materials. The contents of these materials vary by school. At Dwight Global, prospective students must submit the following to the admissions team:

  • Official school reports for the last two years. The school report needs to be sent by your current school to the Dwight Global Admissions team. If the transcripts are not in English, an official translation, with an explanation of the grading system, must also be submitted.

  • A current language teacher recommendation and math teacher recommendation, both written in English.

  • Standardized testing. Applicants may choose to submit either the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) or the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) test, If unable to register for an ISEE or SSAT assessment, we also welcome PSAT, SAT, or ACT scores. All test scores must be within the last year. Virtual internal admissions assessments may also be administered, if needed. 

  • A graded writing sample from an English or History class.

  1. Interview with the Director of Admissions

After completing the online application and submitting the required materials, you may be asked to complete an interview with the school’s admissions officers. This virtual interview includes a discussion between the student and the school’s admissions team. This is a great chance for students to ask questions and learn even more about the school’s curriculum and programs.

Your Future Awaits

If you would like to learn more about Dwight Global Online School and its educational programs, click here.