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Importance of Digital Literacy in Online School

November 6, 2023

What is digital literacy? And why is it important for students?

Having the ability to navigate the world of the internet and mastering the technology around it are valuable skills known as digital literacy. These skills are vital assets for students in today’s educational environment, especially those studying online.

With proficient digital literacy, students can use technology fluently, safely, efficiently, and responsibly. 

One of the many benefits to an online high school education is digital literacy itself. If you are considering an online school for your young learner, read on to learn about the importance of and benefits of digital literacy in an online school setting.

Support Educational Progress

Whether a student is learning at a respected, established online school like Dwight Global Online School, or a brick-and-mortar institution, they are using digital literacy skills. 

Computers, tablets, and online search tools have become an integral part of the learning experience. This is true for all grade levels, from kindergarten to university.

Even most standardized tests today are conducted online, and the best schools help students harness digital literacy skills at an early age to achieve academic success.

Understand Digital Responsibility

Digital literacy teaches students to use the internet safely and responsibly.

While easy access to communication, information, and AI software are beneficial, they can also be misused. Digital literacy teaches students to understand and avoid plagiarism, scams, and cyberbullying. 

Support Social Opportunities

At Dwight Global, students learn to harness and master the digital literacy skills they need to succeed. 

Digital literacy teaches online high school students how to be social online, and it prepares them for social networking for their future careers. 

Dwight Global also provides digital and in-person opportunities for all students, in a strong show of support to help students make and maintain friendships outside of the classroom.

Learn More About Digital Literacy at Dwight Global

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