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Is an International Baccalaureate Program Worth It?

February 3, 2022

High school students hoping to attend a world-leading university are wise to consider the curriculum in their college preparatory program. They may already be keenly aware of the importance of enrolling in higher-level courses such as Advanced Placement (AP) courses and those leading to an international baccalaureate (IB) diploma.

What is an International Baccalaureate Program?

An IB program is a challenging and rewarding educational option, and an internationally recognized curriculum that works to foster well-rounded students with global mindsets. There are only 5,400 schools in the world that offer an international baccalaureate program.

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The international baccalaureate curriculum offers rigorous coursework for students who are serious about their academic future. Not only does this type of program prepare a student for their college career, but it shows potential colleges and universities that the student is ready to take on a higher level of education.

An IB program encourages students to explore areas of interest, all while tackling more demanding coursework with more autonomy. These are all qualities that college and university admissions offices look for in their ideal applicants.

Similar to AP classes, students pursuing IB classes can also earn class credits that in some cases allow them to skip over general education courses once enrolled in a college program.

Benefits of IB
The international baccalaureate program is less of a household name than AP, and its exclusivity among high schools sets it apart.  Not all schools offer IB, and the expense and training required to get certified as an IB school makes it a bit of a novelty among educational institutions. The difficulty in becoming certified brings with it a level of respect among admissions officers and those evaluating high school transcripts.

Even more unusual is an online IB program, like the one offered to juniors and seniors at Dwight Global Online School, an accredited, well respected school part of the Dwight Global Schools worldwide network.

A student who obtains an IB diploma is among a small portion of the college application competition with this qualification. Consequently, that student offers an impressive portfolio to present to college admissions officers.

IB courses must be completed at a certified high school – self-study is not allowed. This limits the number of students who may participate in the program and indicates a student has learned through a program widely known to be reputable and rigorous.

An IB diploma is essentially a “university preparation diploma,” in that students are equipped with skills and tools to learn that will set them up for success in the future.

The curriculum hones the following skills:

  • University-style essay writing
  • Source citing
  • Ability to conduct independent research
  • Time management and self-study

Students who pursue an international baccalaureate program get the opportunity to explore a wider range of subjects than those following traditional curriculums.

Courses include:

  • Computer science
  • Film
  • Global politics
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology

The wider range of courses can help develop well-rounded students. It also helps enhance adaptability, strengthen character, and push students to explore new topics they would have otherwise missed.

IB Available Online

The reputable IB program is available at Dwight Global, an online school for grades 6-12 that offers a quality, challenging program for college prep, a strong community, and a global perspective. For more information about Dwight Global’s IB DP program, as well as other academic pathways offered by the school, including Advanced Placement and individualized programs, contact Dwight Global here.