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7 Reasons Why Parents Are Choosing Online School for Their Children

August 10, 2022

Have you considered an online school for your child?

The many benefits of an online education are becoming more well known and respected, as students enrolled in quality online schools succeed in and out of the virtual classroom.

Below are seven reasons why parents are choosing online schools for their children.

Greater Flexibility

The best online schools provide personalized online learning and various options for class times.

Having an online curriculum offers students flexibility to create their own class schedule and choose when and where they study. If a student spends time training for a particular sport, pursuing an outside passion, or traveling with family, that student can fit classes and outside interests into each day in a way that maximizes both pursuits.

top benefits of remote learning

Not all online schools are the same, however. Some offer completely flexible classes that use self-study programs and recorded lessons. More established online schools like the highly ranked, accredited Dwight Global Online School, offer structure with flexibility. Dwight Global provides live classes, rigorous academics, a strong sense of community, extracurriculars and clubs, in-person opportunities, and college guidance.

Flexible scheduling requires a student to be independent and self motivated. The best online schools give students the tools they need to succeed, as well as resources and support to help them stay on track and engaged.

Live Class Experiences

Exploring and discussing academic subjects with peers is essential to learning and to developing collaboration and communication skills.  The best online schools offer classroom seminars where students interact with instructors and each other, and enjoy stimulating class discussions and group work just as they would in an in-person classroom.

At Dwight Global,  classes are small enough to provide opportunities for individual attention and participation. Teachers and students discuss topics relevant to the subject, and students have additional time outside of class to meet with faculty during office hours and individual tutorials. 

More Course Offerings

From enriching electives to International Baccalaureate Program and Advanced Placement courses, the right online school will offer diverse and challenging course options to spark students’ interests and further their academic pursuits.

The best online schools offer more personalized experiences for students than traditional schools, including special classes taught by experienced online teachers and the ability to get to know a network of peers from across the world. 

College Guidance

College guidance is as important in an online school education as it is in a traditional school. At Dwight Global, experienced college counselors begin working with students in ninth grade, and Dwight Global graduates are admitted to the best colleges and universities in the world.

Because Dwight Global is highly ranked, accredited, and established, colleges and universities are aware of the quality of the school and its students. Admissions representatives seek out Dwight Global graduates, confident they will succeed at the college level.

Strong Sense of Community

How does an online school foster community? The answer lies in the ways a school uses the tools available to nurture student connection and collaboration.

At an excellent online school, students interact with each other with classes and study groups. Teachers use technology platforms designed for educators, and also use podcasts, file sharing, discussion boards, videos, interactive learning sites, and social media. Students discuss coursework during class and in other meetings, and they have many social opportunities to meet during unstructured time, as well.

Dwight Global offers homeroom time, advisory groups, clubs, guest speakers, and extracurriculars that help students build bonds. Teachers are experts at building community in fun and exciting ways using online platforms and technology designed for online learning and socializing.

Caters to All Learners

Dwight Global’s instructional model caters to both advanced learners and those who need learning support. Faculty are experienced in meeting the needs and goals of all students, and the curriculum supports a students’ personal passions and preferences. Students develop a passion for learning in the process.

Teachers in the best online schools are experts in online pedagogy and how to use it to reach different types of students, and are available outside the classroom for one on one support. An exemplary online school encourages students who pursue pre-professional performing arts or high level athletics. It employs teachers who are invested in each student's personal successes, as well as their academic goals.

In-person Opportunities

The best online schools have realized that optimal online education is supplemented by opportunities for students to come together in person for field trips, academic meetings and social activities. Dwight Global goes a step beyond this, with residential opportunities throughout the year. Several of these include orientation, STEAM weekend, performing arts events, prom, and graduation. Some events are held on the Dwight New York campus, and students also have opportunities to visit other Dwight campuses around the world.

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